How many silver chests to get mythic ammo?

I opened 800 silver and didn’t get mythic ammo.

Got 3 mythics if I recall; rage (HP), ice flak hp, and fire flak attack.

Took me about a year to save 800 chests. How many are needed to guarantee it, 1500? I guess I can try again in two years.

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All your questions are answered here:


1818, but making use of Fiery’s sequencing is a lot more efficient.


Thanks. That is a ton of posts in that thread. The answer from the very cool flowchart in the first post is officially “no clue”, since I got mythic ice flak HP

Ah, thanks. I’ll wait until I have 1850 before trying again.

If you looked closely, you will see that the flowchart is based off of an old sequence, that’s now outdated.

There’s an FAQ section on the thread explaining how silvers work - the vid explains it too, except that it was made before silver chest changes, where IF HP runes now have nothing to do with the sequence.

And at the very end of the post, I always link the up to date sequence, so people can click that rather than scroll through a ton of posts.

Edit: Judging from what you said, you might be atleast at position 24 (Mythic FF attack), with your next being drop #1, unless you already got that. Can’t tell without knowing what you got.
But from the Mythic FF atk, it would be around 400-500 silvers for the ammo this time around.


Thanks everyone. There is alot there. Luckily I have about two years to figure it out.

Ah ok. I didn’t miss it by much then. Had about 330 left when I got FF. Maybe in two years I’ll be luckier,

If you understand the sequence, you can save on silver chests.
You got Mythic Rage (HP) this week, so you can know that you need more silver chests than you have.


It doesn’t have to take 2 years if you pay attention to the sequence and how it works - highly recommend learning more about it

Plenty of people went from having no ammos to plenty in a ‘short’ amount of time due to following the sequence

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What do you mean? Of course it does. All the understanding in the world can’t change your position on the wheel, can it? if I’m 1000 chests away, then I’m 1000 chests away.

Now if my position is randomly reset from time to time, then I agree with you. Basically open enough to get the position, then wait for the next reset.

By the way, responding to an earlier post, I had 650 left after Rage(HP).

Yeah, but if you know your position is far and you don’t have enough chests, you’ll stop opening, so you’ll save chests for a better chance the following time

And sometimes not opening would then work in your favour - hypothetical situations for clarification:

Say, your position is #10, and ammo is #18, and you open chests, getting to #16 and fall short
The following time, ammo randomly becomes #15 in the sequence - but you would’ve already missed out because you opened too much before, so had you only opened enough to know where you are, and saved the rest, you would’ve been able to get the ammo easily the 2nd time around


I see. So the entire sequence resets every time? Good to know.

Well, I like the ice flack hp, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I’ll try again in a year then when I’m back up around 1000.


The sequence resets yes, but your position stays the same until you get a LegD to knock you down a spot, so I’d still recommend learning about silvers and watching the sequence

An ammo could fall in your lap at any time


Topic seems resolved, so closed it - let me know if you want it reopened.