How much are we allowed to cheat?

So…let me understand what I am seeing here. Player cheats massively(especially considering I know the player in question). But they have a “good” history.

So, player is rolledback to when they first started cheating AND given everything to spent back.

I can definitely see why this would possibly deincentivize cheating…100%. You know, if you guys spent even a fraction of the effort you put into randomly banning things on the forums and move that towards perhaps, NOT rewarding people for cheating in the game…


damn… PG strikes again. Way to undermine your entire legitimate player base again PG. Its like you are asking people to start cheating.


JFC it gets worse every day. @PGJared Am I allowed to ask for a response to this?


I would think this is highly dependent on how much money has been spent in game regardless of the public PG stance that no cheating is tolerated.

This is obviously a lie as it has everything to do with how much you’ve spent.


stop bumping! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder if i were to tell them i have been cheating for 3+ years if they would roll me back to level one then give me all my packs back? with what i use to spend, used today, i could likely build a better base (and not all the level 40-50 level stored original towers). Or better yet just give me all money back and i can find a new game.


We should really revisit this “good player” thing. I mean you cheated AND I want to give you all your money back. I bet a lot of players would be more than happy to meet this criteria.

Oh, right…

Also…lets look at this, player was rolled back to Feb 1. Assuming this was when the cheating began. Mail goes out Oct 26. So 9 months…when you said had a good history…please define this @PGJared does good mean they get to keep their purchases as a reward for cheating for 9 months and no getting caught? I am a little confused here. Please help verify.

This feels a lot like the other thread where it only comes to light and the player base would have no clue how ridiculously skewed the treatment varies based on…your discretion.


Right…you shall be…“punished”


I’ve known about another instance of this occurring a while back. The player in question (no longer playing) was a spender. They somehow collected all the season prizes without having any sigils deducted. They got rolled back to some previous date and were given literally millions of rubies. At the end of it all, they made out much better than they would have if nothing happened. It’s like a free do-over to erase all the mistakes you made. Apparently this happens more frequently than we know. I mean, who would actually admit they were cheating to their team? They probably made up some story about how they mysteriously got rolled back and it’s because PG messed up.


So a cheater can go on a killing rampage in Atlas destroying thousands of other players troops which they spent real money on but that’s all fine because they have been a good boy in the past.

It seems like they are filling the gaps where real legit players have quit with these accounts. Probably hoping they would spend again on the game with what they’re given back.


I’m not sure what is worse, giving free dragons to ex-players or giving refunds to cheating players🤦‍♂️


PG if you are going to do stuff like this at least do it in a way that makes more sense. For example, refund every purchase ever made before flaks came out. After all most of what we paid for back then is now completely obsolete. :slight_smile:

But no, instead you refund and reward cheaters… fantastic job.


Don’t they have to do this since they can’t segregate rolling back the cheats versus what was purchased legitimately?


The way this game is ran is so ridiculous!!
I can wreck a junkyard! Hire me!!!I’d be freaking awesome!
I’d even respond in the forums and actually make people think PG cared!


or they could just ban and not give them anything…


You, sir, can be introduced to the power of “and”, just wait until the player doesnt log in for 30d and then gets an offer to come back :smiley:


Why should there be a roll back for cheaters in the first place?


I would LOVE a free do-over


Am I the only one who’s of the opinion that if you manipulate quantities you should be straight banned?


Look at 1st ranked player in global leader board. Look at evdry player who ranked first in breeding and fortification events.
Half of them are clearly cheaters. When globL leaderboard 1st can be cheater in event when those spending 1000s of dollars on game can’t be 1st, enough said about game condition and stance with regards to cheaters.