How much cash will to take to get The first 3 spring dragons?

An estimate how much money will it take to get the first 3 spring dragons??

Well, there’s 5 spring dragons in total. It would depend that 3 you’re wanting to get? Are you referring to the discount hunter + legendary warrior + mythic sorcerer?

Enough to mess up someones college fund. :face_with_head_bandage:


Yes. Sorry the first 3 released

That depends on your level, league, activity level, rubies saved, chests, etc. and how soon after the season starts you’re thinking you’ll want to get the dragons.

Zero if you prepare accordingly and have been saving. The fact that the discount hunter is involved makes a huge difference

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Do you want to know how much it would cost assuming you start with nothing, and buy packs to get enough gold chests to compete the 3 lines while one is discounted, and the see how far that carries you? Or do you want a best guess throwing in the assumption your “reinvest” season winnings as you get them? (and assuming the gold drops are the same as the winter season).

It’s like sitting down at a restaurant with no prices in the menu. Walk away, just walk away.


Going into spring season I should have 300 bronze chest and 50 gold chest with around 8000 rubies.



Accounting for the additional rubies as rubies is difficult, so I will make the assumption you start with 70 gold chests and that the first event is breeding, and that the breeding packs contain 25 gold chests (since they did last time). The bronze chests are not really enough to make more than a few hundred sigil difference, so I will not account for those, as, at the most, they would save you less than one pack.

I don’t really think breeding is the first event, but I already have a calculator set up for that. I will also ignore prizes claimed, since you could then use them to help finish the season well. (and it’s more complicated if I start cycling in prizes that I don’t KNOW will be the same as winter season).

So, first three–you need 14+28+22 = 64,000 Sigils to claim on day one.

I am making the assumption that sigil drop rate and amount remains the same.

EDIT-- I had the wrong number stuck in my head. 26 packs, with the 70 chests you have would be enough for 64k sigils.

So, $2,700 is about what it will cost, assuming you open all the chests that come with each pack and that all the rubies are spent on more chests in lots of ten. But this would set you up nicely to complete at least a good portion of the second half (assuming a D2 league status and a team that consistently finishes in the top 10 and that you personally hit the 450 sigil prize every event).

Since It is very challenging to account for the bonus chest, I have not done so. This could possibly save you some, but not more than a single pack at most.

If you went in starting with nothing, you would have needed to buy one additional pack.

Please note, this estimate makes several assumptions that I cannot possibly know to be true or false at this time. They are simply reasonable guesses, imo.


Savage’s number looks accurate from what I have seen in the past. More or less. When 27 packs are purchased, you hardly won’t go for one more if needed.

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Dang that’s some intense math skills!! lol
My plan is to get the half price dragon within the 2 weeks. Then grid out the other two during the season.

How much $ to get half price hunter on day 1?

Your entire bank account?

There are so many other variables that need to be considered outside of packs. Before then there is no way to accurately say anything for certain.

That’s why I spelled out my assumptions. :wink:

If he’s just looking for the “but it outright as soon as it’s available and not injecting prizes won into the equation” cost, then given the accuracy of my assumptions (which I do not know for sure), the number of gave is within $100 of what it will cost.

Maybe @ToNyRen could support that when the season starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just take the total sigils In the picture and divide by the number of chests. That’ll be your average per chest. Then how many do you need for 13k sigils?

Subtract any chests you already have, and then assume either 15 or 25 gold chests per pack (I assumed 25 since I used breeding event and 35k rubies per pack.


At least for breeding. Numbers vary some between events.

If you’re lucky and get 2 legendary drops per 10 chests, you can do the discount day one for about 750 gold chests, you get 80 per $100 pack on just rubies, so you’ll need to buy 10 packs and hope luck is on your side (this is without including the contents of the packs as savage did) just the worst case scenario… with all of his stuff, you can probably cut it down to 5 or 6 packs… but you’re paying to rush an entire line

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What an awesomely detailed answer!


My reply shows as being towards Tony for some reason, but it was for op, probably cuz Tony always gets in the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!