How much defense power difference for a mythic vs. legendary perch dragon?

I haven’t noticed any increase in DP from switching my legendary perch dragon out for a mythic one. (The rider, gear, element, base layout, feeding, and so on is all the same as before)

How much difference should I expect to see in practice, like a percent increase?

Is there some visual effect I should watch for in defense videos to verify that the Tower Ward +25% is actually doing anything?


You’ll see a shield on a random tower within the area of the perch influence


So that’s what that is

If the ward is on the tower just a shield like this

looks the same in the actual attack

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sometimes dp cam get “stuck”. Move a tower about then put it back. I have to do it everytime i change a rider or dragon on perch or glyph etc etc.

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Thanks everybody. The pic really helps.

As for the DP, support says I shouldn’t expect a notable numeric change. So I figure the buff will help during the defense with the shields, but is not part of the calculation.

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