How much DOES it cost to reach end game? 💳

Has anyone calculated it out? I see numbers given but they vary by a lot. :thinking:

Straight 100% purchase of a tower level 1>90 $1,082 per tower


Level 48 to level 504 with only level 85 towers using standard $99 packs is $32,300 USD minimum.


And that’s not even including the egg tokens you would need to buy for breeding.


Correct. Nor did I attempt to back into the embers needed to support those buildings so some folks are estimating almost double the cost of what is posted. Not to mention level 95 towers will be here in Nov.

Old math from someone on line in the mid 450s (at the time):

Not including egg tokens, events, or seasons, and assuming I opened gold chests during fort, my base would cost 25,800 gold chests.

Assuming 31 gold chests costs 12k rubies, that would be 9,987,097 rubies

Assuming I buy rubies at a rate of 35,000 for $100, that is 286 packs at $28,534

To get enough egg tokens (from gold chests) to get to one Empy mythic I would need 52,628 total chests.

That is 583 packs, or $58,206


Unless I have a typo somewhere, 50K gold chests just in timers alone and this STILL isn’t end game, not by JL’s new definition.

64,200 gold chests to fill all islands (not just above) just for timers. 175.61 YEARS of timers.

Why do some say that $80k was low balling? It looks like it was actually over-estimated. Confusing for sure.

It gets even more expensive if you do what PG supposedly considers the baseline: straight-up purchasing egg tokens with rubies, and buying rubies at the “normal” price.

Red’s Cheapest Path says it takes 5,186,275 tokens to reach the top.

Egg tokens are sold at a rate of 4 rubies/token.

5,186,275 X 4 = 20,745,100 rubies needed

At PG’s “normal” prices, 20,000 rubies cost $100

20,745,100/20,000 = 1,037.255 ruby buys

So 1,038 ruby buys * $100 each gives you a total cost of $103,800 for the egg tokens if you buy them at what PG has set as the “normal” prices.

A tenth of that price would be obscene, and sales should drop that even lower.

I believe we miss gear cost as well.


Right. A max base is worthless without:
A) Max gear on at least 2 perches. Better if all 3.
B) Base boost consumables
C) Season base boost completed each time
D) All research completed including the new garnets released. (1 million egg tokens on top of what was already spent!)
E) 2 or more defenders spamming hammers.

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Proper end game means: max gear, max dragons, just about a full base of maxed towers. Not some puny 455’s definitely just cause they can max namaka with their one set of max gear and they feel like they’re end game material.


This is pretty inflated since one can spend a total of ~$34k overall and be in abysmal tier with a couple of level 90 towers.

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Why would ANYONE do this when they could have 10,000 pounds of skittles instead?


I’m not saying that’s the BEST way to do it, I’m saying that that is the standard that PG has set. The standard should be reasonable, and the reality - through careful use of sales, chests, etc. - should be even better.

As players have pointed out, the $34k is already unreasonably high, and that’s if you do things as economically as possible, not PG’s standard prices.

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Consider gold chests instead, I think. You get a ton of bokens from them.

Also, keep in mind that while costs are exponential your hypothetical bases don’t give their hypothetical owners any time to earn resources (i.e. play the game) at all.


I went back somewhat recently and added up how much I had spent to get where I am. I’m gonna say that 80k probably isn’t an over estimate by any means for a maxed base using all premium towers. That’s an absolutely ridiculous number! I definitely felt sick when my number hit 5 figures and then kept going (obviously I don’t have a way to see exactly what I bought). No reason this game should cost that much.


That goes for double when they cant deliver an error free event as weak as breeding. Broke prizes, broke Atlas. Sync errors out the *ss for the price of a good REALLY nice car.


Huh? It’s over triple the price of my car when I got it new :flushed:

Plus at least one season Mythic Dragon.