How much does it take to get from 301 to 302?

I don’t know if you guys experienced this already, but for me is a first.
To use more than 4.5M rss and to level only one level - from 301 to 302 - it seems to me absurd.
The last update, PG screwed us by increasing the building time. It looks like not only the building time was screwed, but also the leveling requirements.
In the last building event last month, upgrading a tower from level 53 to 54 was enough to gain a level base point.
Now, leveling front 55 to 56 a Dark Flak tower, from 54 to 55 a Storm tower, from 54 to 55 an Ice Tower and from 47 to 48 another IT, gave me only one base point level and no more defense points than what I had before building the above towers.
PGCrisis tells me I upgraded before the event start. Not true and my request has nothing with this. I only asked since when PG changed the amount of towers to level to get one point upgrade of ur base level. I was 301 before the event started, now I am 302 after the 4 upgrades mentioned above. It’s insane ! That’s more than 150 days of speedups just for one base level point. Something is not right !

What I am asking in the end is the following. Does anyone else has the feeling that he should be higher level base than what he actually is, based on his past experience ?

Nope. Mech with the details; over to you!

Starting at level 300 the XP required per level jumps from 100,000 to 400,000.

So it takes 4 times as much XP to gain a level.

So yes it is correct. If you want a full table of levels and XP required go here:

(edit: the level requirements for dragons changed, but it still nicely illustrates the sheer amount of speed ups necessary to level up)

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Welcome to the 300s. 400k per level wasn’t terribly absurd when 300s were less common and Noctua only needed level 280 to max, but the jump from 310 to max mythic obsidian to 357 for mythic harbinger is nuts. I was level 315 when harbinger came out and when I saw I needed 42 levels (16,800,000 exp) I almost quit. The exp needed was around the same as going from level 1 to level 300. Granted my buildings give much more exp, but they also cost a shitload more. That kind of den level jump between one tier of dragons is absurd.

Again, welcome to the 300s. The spender’s equivalent of the Sapphire Wall.

It takes me 5 builds to go up 1 level. With research and defense rider on tower my time to level a tower has gone down by about 10% so to level a tower to level 62 takes 41 days worth of timers. I miss the good old days when two builds brought you up a level.

Thank you guys for all your answers ! It really struck me this unbalance, when the timers drop are still the same as they were two or three years ago. And of course, PG doesn’t give a rat ass about this. Oh well, nothing new under the sun.

PG, just so we’re all on the same page… This scaling is insane… Like really crazy insane. :face_vomiting:

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You are talking about the small end of the spectrum here btw. Look what happens as you gain more levels :neutral_face:

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