How Much Have You Improved At Something Since 2019 started


So how much have y’all improved at something since the year started?

For me, I’ve improved at drawing a bit more. Below, I’ll show two examples of the same drawing. One from 2018 and one from this year.

2018 Corthanak

2019 Corthanak


Does sleeping count?


November + 25% pay
-different company
January + 20% pay
-figured out how to game the scheduling system to get work assignments with higher rate

does that count?


That counts. I mean pretty much anything counts. From building things to managing your schedule


Flying hunters


I actually like the 2018 version a bit more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  1. managing my time
  2. coping with sleeping less :rofl:
  3. maybe flying dragons; although i doubt there was much of an improvement :laughing:

  1. Skipping stones across ponds, 3 skips :tada:.
  2. Being nicer to peasants