How much longer

It’s been two weeks since you last said ‘next week’ and I know the world is crazy and you guys are very busy but could we get an idea at least as to when an update may be coming out about the proposed Atlas changes? @PGNines

We’re working on patch notes for 5.19 right now and those should be posted later today. 5.19 has the last of the Wave 1 changes. Planned Wave 2 updates will go up either today or more likely on Monday. However, PGDave has already lead discussions on much of what’s planned for Wave 2. I’ll make a consolidated thread for a broader discussion, but the planned order is Map Shuffle > Crusades (which has been renamed to Sieges) > Shrines.

And fair caught calling out the delay; that’s on me and you’re right to ping about it.


Thank you! :pray:t2: I will do some searching. I check every day but haven’t seen anything mentioned other than this thread…

That’s the thread!

@PGNines Do you have a list of the wave 2 changes for atlas? The thread that was linked only has specific changes for wave 1.



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And it is Monday…any more news?

@PGNines any more information? I can’t seem to find it…

And still crickets…

@PGNines Good Morning. I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

Any news on this coming out today or this week even?

Hopefully not too much longer my heart can’t take this suspense.

I’m stating to think @PGNines got put in a 14 day quarantine.

I’m OK! Honestly there’s not much to update. The list still looks like:

Map Shuffle (dev work about to start, details shared in these forums long ago)
New Primarch Tier
Open Many Chests at Once
Sieges (was called Crusades; details under review by me)
Shrines (this is a long way off; Map Shuffle and Sieges both require significant dev time)

In addition to that list, we’re going to try to work in some relatively easy-to-implement quality of live improvements and features.


would this be expected by next season?

Thank you for the update. Stay safe. :pray:t2:

Same question as above. Not until next season then?

Do we really need a new prim tier already? How many people have actually maxed out silver 2 completely. And before people with no clue jump in and say duh dread has. They haven’t.

The request came from the community. However! Those are easy numbers for me to go look up and I will use them to influence the priority of that work.

I think the drive for that was offensive prims are very easily leveled and as such sniping loses its appeal because why should they. The primarch is maxed. I’m just worried it’ll turn into offensive prims getting so far ahead of defensive prims. Fun situation I was in an alliance raid and lost 15k troops on my silver 1 Taunter to a maxed silver 2 sieger. I got 1.5k glory. Now scale that to new tier. Higher AP. And still hard to get defensive glory with the current glory rewards for defending and you’ll end up losing a lot of troops for very very little glory. That more prompted my query.

Thank you for the fast reply though and I hope you all are staying safe

Feel free to ditch that list, it’s weak.

Except open many chests at once. You can leave that one in.

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