How much saving do I need to do to realistically get a mythic dragon F2P?

I want to get a mythic dragon in the fall 2022 season in a few days and i have 13 platinum chests, 150 golds, 950 bronzes, and 62k rubies. Is that enough saving to get a mythic dragon next season f2p?

You need what 39.5k sigils for both lines :thinking:
Without the rubies… Doesn’t look good.

With the rubies you get another 150 gold chests.

I can’t do the math right now but it may be better to actually get some sigil chests and look for chest heavy lines this season… Also if might not be, you really would have to do the math before you try


Even with rubies, that doesn’t look good.

Aim to grind at least 1k bronze chests per each event and aim to save 700+ gold chests throughout a season.

And save all rubies for the last two weeks of each season to turn them into sigils through sigil chests and get as many draconic chests as possible from the end of the festive branch.


u won’t have mytics with these but what u can do is save a little amount next season because im sure u dont have enough inner fire, energy,timer,egg, electrum,cosmic token, so dont open them all once open x amount only if u need those.
and no need to finish the dragon(discounted) line as u wont reach top tier in a single season. and lastly save sigils and rubies for ssc to buy festive line so u can get draconic chest which gives excellent value to progression.


Save for another season, and you’ll probably be fine for 2 seasons from now
Get on a team which is as active as you are, and try to learn about atlas if yil haven’t yet


I normally save 100 plat, 300+ draconian, 850-1000 gold and 5k + bronze for the start of each season. Also like to carry 200k rubies across. Opening the above chests normally finish both discount line and mission boost to 100% with a bit to spare.


how about buying max (600)

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This right here would be a good first step, 8/8 team achievement gives 1.6k sigils (including 2/8 and 5/8). If able to consistently achieve for 13 weeks, that would be 20.8k sigils which is over half a full cost branch.

Atlas is not a must for a mythic, but good to learn as a easy way to get timers (and tokens for teams with castles).


So should i just spend all my rubies on super sigil chests and go for the draconics from the festive dragon?

have u finished festive if yes, then go for it

I have done one half of it so idk if its worth it

dont buy it u won’t have enough sigils, festive cost around 20k sigils and 500 sigils per 4 chest

next season try to save sigils for festive

Ok thanks for the help

Depends on your team and activity. I wouldn’t listen to some of the other people in this thread as you definitely do not need to save at all to get a mythic. I think I started this season with just 100ish golds from redemption, no other chests and very little rss, got my mythic and completed an extra branch and half.

As for finishing both discounts… there’s a small chance but it’s unlikely unless you and your team do very well in the events and you use all your rubies.

Just try to find a high plat or saph team (8/8 is a must), play a fair bit and you’ll be fine.


5k = 40 Draconics times this by 15 that would equal around 75k sigils as Jalen pointed out to me once you don’t need to max it all the time you can try to get as much as you can. That’s especially not realistic to point out to a lower level player or a newer player mainly because they could end up scoring a lot less than we all do in the higher ups.

You just need to farm bronze chests hard bro

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Getting a mythic is different from


Possible that they assumed they wanted to try for a mythic since the discounts give 12 keys. That’s what I assumed as well since it’s along the way to get one anyway, so may as well.

Just to clarify, I am trying for a mythic, not just for the 50% off branches.


I answered both questions. If you read the title of the post it clearly says “How much saving do I need to do to realistically get a mythic dragon F2P”. Also in the post: “Is that enough saving to get a mythic dragon next season f2p?”

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