How much should one save to get a mythic divine?


I’ve been slowly saving up stuff over the last few seasons, right now I’m sitting at 266 gold chests and 126k rubies. I was wondering how much stuff I should have before attempting to get a mythic hunter divine either next season or the season after .-.


depending on your activity and league / team performance you should be able to.

You really need a team to get to 1200 sigils in all of the minors and a few of the PVP.

Sapphire and up helps a lot too

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What level are you?
What league are you in?
Are you stifling your growth or points in events because you are saving rather than spending them?


currently level 165, ill be getting my first garnet next breeding (yes i know im behind .-.) platinum league, can ususally get to the 450 sigils in minor events other than breeding and 300 sigils in pvp


Open chests on discount drag’s pvp event. Then open on either fort (for embers) or pvps to equalize your performance across events. But yea, sounds like you have plenty combined with your event preformance, barring season cost increase.


okay, thanks :smiley: I was slightly worried about the amount I was saving wasn’t going to be enough after the fall season increase (i heard that you need around 500 gold chests to get the discount dragon straight up)


While that certainly helps, you dont “need” it. You can most certainly get one without regularly getting the last team prize. Saving up chests from the previous season and opening them to get the discount dragon while discounted is also important if you’re going for the 1st mythic

The most important thing is your own personal performance and activity. League and team activity can be replaced with preparation but it’s all important. Every sigil you can get is good, even the weekly team quests prizes help


Yeah it’s reasonable then.
Especially with that many extra rubies saved up just in case.


oof :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I suppose. I’m about to finish my second mythic in back to back seasons as an E2P player. I came into this season with very little saved up since I had just gotten pathox and am pushing for 330.

I went for the full token boost too. I just didn’t want the OP to think one can coast even with that amount saved up.

Atlas also helps IMO.


Im on my 2nd mythic too. Technically I could get UrVerSker at the end of this season but dont really feel he’s worth the 125k rubies it would end up costing for me. I’d rather see what we get next season and hopefully the dragons are better. Atlas definitely helps, those timers are invaluable and the extra egg tokens are nice too plus having a team bank for rss events is extremely helpful.

Off topic: Im wondering what we’re going to get since according to the rotation both the discount and mythic should be sorcerers so Im wondering which one will get changed


Really? I thought it was discount mythic is the sorc and the regular mythic is the hunter.
Really hope that hunter next season isn’t overpowered and I can’t get it XD


The discount legendary should be a sorcerer (hunter this season and warrior last season) and the 1st seasonal mythic should also be a sorcerer as per the rotation. Assuming they arent doing a mythic warrior each season, it seems like the 2nd mythic’s class of the previous season should be the 1st mythic’s class of the next season so Im wondering if they’ll make the discount legendary a warrior again. the 2nd spring mythic should probably be a hunter


The discounted divine was UVS, a warrior, pathox was last season.

We had a disc. warrior/sorceror this season, a disc. hunter/warrior last season, so next season will be a disc. sorceror/hunter, then it’ll loop around


whoops, read that comment wrong, pretend my my last comment didn’t exist 0-0

  • Open your Gold Chest in PVP event to push your prize in Achievement 117K point :slight_smile:
  • Use 3 inner fire when you attacking pvp
  • Buy Super Sigil chest


2 mortgage payments and a mid sized sedan…


It depends on which mythic you are going for.
1st mythic of season will cost you 15.5k sigils (whole line of discount dragon, if you will be able to open it’s line during first 2 weeks) + 31k sigils for second dragon + 25.5k for mythic itself.

2nd mythic will cost you 31k (dragon) + 25k (rider) + 25.5k (mythic).

If you go for first one of next season, I would recommend to save all gold and bronze chests. Having about 300 gold and about 1000 bronze at season start, plus chests from seasonal line allowed me to take almost the whole line of discount during first week.

You can estimate the amount of sigils you “have” by yourself. Each 5k rubies at the end of season will give you about 1.1k sigils. Each 10 gold chests - about 200 sigils. 100 bronze - around 100 sigils. I’m in platinum, always taking 450 sigils prize, and from time to time we get 1200 sigils, so from each event you may roughly take 3k sigils and 10k rubies (converted to 2.2k sigils at the end of season).

So, now you have like: 126k / 5k * 1.1k (=26.5k) + 266 / 10 * 200 (=5.2k) potential sigils. For this season there are 5 events left (not counting ongoing Fort), so about 25k sigils more (15k from events, 10k from rubies). So, depending on amount of sigils you have now, and on already opened branches, you can calculate, can you take 1st or 2nd mythic of this season or wait for the next season.

Note: sigil prices of branches may increase next season, but looks like you can take either first or second mythic anyway.


spending rubies on sigil chests limits your progression though… its best to be buying gold chests with the rubes


Rubies -> Sigil chests -> Dragons + resources for events (including gold chests) -> Sigils and rubies from events -> …
I will not be able to get so much sigils during the season to open 2 branches + mythic branch.