How much should one save to get a mythic divine?


I just meant that in general spending rubies on sigils is less account progression resources than opening gold chests.

You do get a dragon/rider/etc… depending on situation it could be worth it or not.


I see, thank you very much for the advice, that information has been very informative. I didn’t realize that 1k bronze chests was so useful 0-0, I guess I’ll start saving those for next season.


This is exactly the information I have been looking for. Digging for these little jewels explains precisely what,how much to save, and why. When I started last season, I didn’t understand what everyone was talking about! I thought ppl were being weird about hoarding, yes I thought of the show Hoarders…:joy::joy::joy::joy:.


Ótimo, também vou tentar essa estratégia

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