How much xp does a dragon gain from a perch?

Was just wondering, and is it higher on high perch lv for lower tier dragons? Thanks

minimal in my experience. certainly wouldn’t count on it as the best modality for leveling a dragon

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If you’re building a perch to level dragons then I thank you for the rage regen you’ve just given to me. Don’t build perches unless they are there for a specific purpose eg hp buff for farms.

The amount of xp you get from a perch is horrible, if you do a couple of runs then you would probably get more xp for that dragon than if you left it on a perch for 6hrs. You do get more xp as you level the perch more, but it’s still a tiny amount. But idk it might be more for low level players :woman_shrugging:t3:

I think perched riders get same gp that primarch does, i have 2 riders perched and both get the same gp but it has taken time for the gp to be added into riders total before, by several hours. 1 of my riders perched has like 40k gp collected. Both methods of earning gp have their pros and cons but silver lining is that u can take a defending rider + dragon off perch daily then slap back on after a few runs…if that was a players desire.

You only get perch xp once a day. Not by how long the dragon as been perched.

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My bad i was thinking riders…on that note ill back tf up lol

Yeah its same xp i think when perches are different levels, based off player lvl if i remember correct

It’s 75% of your max xp. Same as joining a run.


While we r on the subject… when you upgrade perch within same tier, attack is increased as well as the hp correct? I just only see a visual display of hp increase

Attack is based on the level of the dragon you have perched there. Or at least that is my understanding.

Both the perch hp, and the dragon dmg goes up when upgrading a perch

The tier of dragon you can perch also goes up every 5 levels or so

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Thanks for the correction I just didn’t remember exactly

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