How (or Why) do you get good points during Prim Training?

I’m unable to do well in the prim training event and I am looking for advice how you do well in Prim training?

I have plenty of glory, and plenty of gold from AE. My problem is that after I train the first one it takes 7-10 days to finish and prim training is only 4 days long, so you cant wait it out and train another one. You can speed it up with either diamonds or timers, but the cost to speed it exceeds the diamonds/timers you will get in prizes from training an additional prim, so its a net loss to do so.

Sometimes I will use diamonds to speed the first one so that I can do a second one. Even though it costs like 2500 diamonds and only going to get maybe 1600 of them back from prizes, also get about 100 hours of timers and some crafting shards as well so that’s a fairly decent purchase for 900 diamonds so I will still do it.

But after that second one, doing a third one is an even worse deal. Still costs like 2500 diamonds to speed but now only going to get about 600 of them back and about 40 hours of timers. So I usually wont do that, and my event is over after 2 trains. Presumably it gets even worse after the third one to the point where you are just spending diamonds and getting basically nothing.

How do other people do this? Is there a secret to doing more than 2 without a net loss in diamonds or timers? If not, then WHY are some people getting super high scores that would require training over and over and over again? Why would anyone do that it if was a massive net loss in prizes?

Rider? or timer sacrifice.
Simply by training, getting max score costs us a lot.
In my case, I don’t aim too high at the event. Saving up diamonds at other events, and blowing them up during Prim training.

Yeah riders. But I honestly just eat the diamond cost for speeding up prims because I need as much stat boost as I can get :confused:

What is stat boost?

I just mean the increase from say level 1 to level 2 prim

oh ok. I misunderstood and thought there was some hidden mechanism that I didnt know about that would explain why people eat the diamond cost.

For me the question is what else do you save diamonds for? Speeding up primarch leveling seems like a good thing to spend diamonds on to me. That way you get more shards to level gear and your primarchs get stronger quicker. The same goes for the troop event. I spend diamonds to revive troops when I run out of the other speed up.


There is certainly a balance to be had starting out…

on 1 hand you need prime stats to open up your range of targets for good glory ratios
(having too high of an AP does limit your glory/hr though.)

on the other hand if you need shards/horns/gold opening them as atlas chests so you can get more troops to turn over and shards to level your gear (stronger gear should translate into more targets able to be killed, better revive rates in general)

In direct response to “how do you get points”
Level riders
Level primes

If you don’t want to spend too many diamonds all at once leveling the prime you could always do a couple levels per event and then earn the rest of your points through leveling riders.

No matter how you do it the diamond cost for expedite is the same in the long run… unless you let the last upgrade cook until it naturally finishes but then you’re unable to use the prime during that time…which means you aren’t taking advantage of any of those +/+ stats you just purchased…
(specifically the final upgrade that is still cooking)

IMO just pick 1 offense prime, level the darn thing
then slow upgrade the other primes and use riders for the rest of your points
this way you’re really only out the full diamond expedite cost of 1 prime and you can use those diamonds to open atlas chests for shards :slight_smile:

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You can use the prim while its leveling. It just doesn’t give you the next level stats until the upgrade is complete.


good clarification :slight_smile:

Didn’t want people to think they had to speed up their prim just to use it lol. Especially if they only focus on leveling one.

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yea i coulda worded that better lol i’ll fix it

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