How PG can reclaim the player's love and spending!

PG and Players,

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana

Looking back at the last time the player base was up in arms over the state of War Dragons.

Event rewards were more dependent on money than skill
Event prizes are unbalanced
There are bugs and glitches
Divine dragons are broken
Game economy is broken

Each point is relevant in today’s game and the source of many player’s discontent, along with a few new things as well.

My ideas to get us both back on track.
A) Get serious about fixing bugs, and game crashes. Form an Android pod and tackle the issues for half of the player base. PLEASE QA test the releases. We know QA testing is not happening when towers cost more than storage can hold. Hire an intern, give him/her a well developed test account, have them play the patch, and find bugs BEFORE the players do in release versions.
B) Find the right balance between costs and player satisfaction with server throttling. PG knows how to mange cloud resources but chooses an acceptable level of sync errors, server time outs, massive lag at the start of events and Atlas Lag Tuesday that is completely out of sync with player expectations.

The rest of the game is completely pointless if players can’t log in and play without errors for any length of time.

C) Fix the economies. There are too many currencies. The hyperinflation is out of control. Stop offering “special deals” that with enough analysis show they are anything but!
D) Atlas was a grand concept to move War Dragons from a simple attack other clans in war to a more strategic play level. Atlas is now static and mostly a place to collect tribute and glory sniping. PG must reinvigorate Atlas and soon.
E) New tiers are OK but they are released too fast and can not be the only means of keeping players on the quarterly treadmill.
F) The GPF is not being utilized correctly. PG should share more with the team members and be more open to their ideas, needs, and wants.
G) Base defense is a static mess. Towers are forever. There is only 1 or 2 metas. Players NEED and want variability, the ability to experiment and make changes, etc. Defense is HALF of the game and yet my defense layout is exactly the same as when I was level 90!

I’m hoping the right kinds of ideas are posted here in an effort to get PG and the players aligned well enough again and for long enough to head off this boycott and any future ones. Post up folkls.


Maybe each diamond team should have a rep on the gpf? Or each diamond and sapphire team?

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I was just thinking the same thing this morning. I asked myself @KINGDREADIV Who does Dread have on the GPF? What about RoyalRoad?

Then Gyga, I had my second thoughts. PG requires a NDA to be on the GPF and I heard @Lx460 and Kroth both say they would never sign anything from PG again so I’m not sure this is a solution? What if a D1 team doesn’t want to be on the GPF due to legal responsibility but wants to have input? We need something better.


A team council then?

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A team of 275 beta testers to manage, that would be a nice bit of extra challenge for the dev team, I don’t think they would love a 10-fold increase. And I’m also not sure why only diamond and sapphire should have a say.


There used to be an in game chat comprised of very active people in the game from all leagues called the “Ashenvale Alliance”. It was a way for developers to have a more intimate chat with players and work together. Occasionally, the members were rotated out and new players were brought in so it didn’t become stagnant. I was in it for a few rotations. It was ultimately disbanded when the PG employee responsible for the majority of the Ashenvale Alliance initiative left the company.


Perfect. This could be a combination of PG stake holders, (NOT just the PX team), all GPF members, and those “selected” to participate without a NDA. GREAT solution. Communication is key and being able to express frustrations, or kick around ideas in a “safe” environment is helpful. A public forum is not always the best medium.

Hoping PG takes notice. You need something more effective than using the GPF as a “shield” PLEASE reconsider the Ashenvale Alliance or something similar. There are VERY very smart players who can contribute when given the opportunity. My first nomination @MurderBNumbers


I nominate you @Hwrd
The cat lord!! :cat:

Then I pass, I don’t need another chat full of endless meme pictures.


Much appreciated. I would decline for many reasons (not everyone appreciates my humor, or approach to this game) and I’m very OK with pushing my agenda, biases, and ideas in public.

@Morreion what would help is if anyone on the EB and/or GPF would send me a PM or line chat on when I have good ideas that they “flag” for PG or even when I’m off base and should back down. Otherwise I have to float trial balloons and see what sticks. Counting off the number of likes I get on a post is a poor metric.


PG needs to sit down with the GPF and hammer out the value of in game items. We know for a fact PG has a ruby equivalent for every single item in the game. That ruby equivalent is the source of a major disparity between PG and the players. One simply has to look at a daily offer with wood packs in it as a stark example.

Yes, PG can make anything valuable again as they demonstrated with Black Pearls. However, food/lumber/XP packs, dragon/tower boosts, etc. devalue packs, chests, and more. This exercise and adjustment is years over due. Same exact thing goes for silver chests. The introduction of exotic runes compounds this issue.

Once this is done, PG should revamp daily offers to include lower cost options. $5, $10, things of real value that would get moderate spenders back on board instead of offering $99 packs almost 100% of the time. Not every transaction needs to be the max allowed by Apple!


One of the key points I think PG is missing is how interconnected so many of these issues are.

  • For example, increase the value of gold chests and you increase the value of seasonal lines, of event prizes, and of packs, and thus increase the number of people who are willing to spend for them.

  • Or increase the value of towers vs dragons (after all, they cost more, and change less often), and you increase the importance of having good dragons, increase player involvement, and yes, increase spending - both to get dragons that can do better against the towers and to get towers that the dragons won’t beat.

  • Or if you improve the ability of players to get to endgame (or even just slow down the rate at which endgame moves further away, or set a reasonable cap on advantages that can be accumulated over time), then you get more competition at the top, and a change in the status quo. And as a result, Atlas becomes a battlefield again as it becomes possible for any team that works hard enough to genuinely compete against teams like Dread, that have sat on the top of the power hierarchy for a long time.

    Right now, endgame, let alone being competitive at endgame, or staying at endgame, is far out of reach and receding fast for anyone who doesn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the game. And you’d better believe that has implications for player recruitment, retention, and engagement as well.

  • Or if you allow tower recycling, you don’t just improve player satisfaction, you increase variety - which increases satisfaction - and you get players to spend resources (or even money) to acquire the New Thing, when they might otherwise have shrugged and stuck with what they have because the costs of starting anew were too high.

  • Or fixing bugs/crashes/server issues - it doesn’t just make people happier, but it improves the app’s rating in the store, increases the amount of time players spend in-game, increases their willingness to recommend the game to new players, and yes, even their willingness to spend on the game.

  • Hell, COMMUNICATION AND RESPONSIVENESS, two aspects of the game that are severely lacking, would do wonders. Give the players a genuine reason to think that they will be listened to, that their concerns are being taken seriously and that they might be addressed within a reasonable timeframe. Do that, and you don’t just stop the outflow of players, you might actually get a positive balance back - and you’d certainly get more people excited to play, and willing to spend on something that would be of notable benefit. Not to mention it does things like improving the app’s rating, or increasing the number of players who will try to get their friends and family involved.

The mere fact that this is “The Year of the Player,” and yet the same issues - and even MORE - are still around nearly two and a half years after the last boycott…well, it doesn’t inspire confidence that we are being listened to, or that there is any sincere attempt to resolve the problems with the game. Especially given the number of players - within the forums alone - who have outlined ways to resolve major issues while simultaneously improving PG’s recruitment, retention, happiness, and income numbers.


I’m not sure it should be limited either, I was simply trying to keep it from becoming too unwieldy and also to not create an opportunity for any team in the two most competitive leagues to say other teams had somehow gotten a competitive advantage via their representation.

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