How should glory trading be set up with the 4.90 changes? Thinking of setting up in-game glory swapping gc 🥰

I’m thinking of setting up an in-game glory trading group chat for 150 - 250s. But frankly dunno if it’ll work anymore with the 4.90 changes. :thinking:

I don’t do glory stuff but my members need it … so please dumb down the explanation. Thank you! :rose:

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I don’t think a 100% fair trade can be made on a single attack, but if there are multiple attacks, the attacker can get 4 flames first attack (Attacker gets higher revival) and 3 flames second attack (defender gets higher revival).

I haven’t tested this myself but I think it will yield the most fair result. Thats assuming both primes have the exact same stats. (same lvl destroyers or same lvl rusher vs sieger).


Just send them to any Dread castle. Fast service. No appointment needed.

If they want to message me ahead of time, I’d appreciate it. :+1:




The hardest problem I have with glory swapping is getting NML to myself and my buddy. Somebody always comes to crash our party.


What are your coords? I’ll load up my one troop and come visit. :hugs:

Over and over again LX. I’ve suddenly fallen in love with you and wanna follow you everywhere and every day. :kissing_heart:


Maybe coordinate by in-game mail so no one can see? :thinking:

Well yeah, what kinda dummy you think I am! :rofl:

Oh :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll remember this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@hellraptor and I were having that issue when I helped him kill off all his troops so he wouldn’t be tempted to get into the game again… I think we ended up using like 5 or 6 different NML because random people would eventually show up at our slaughter party :rofl::rofl:


Yeah, if you’re going to do this you’d pretty much have to change location after every single attack. And you’d need to really time your attacks well so you didn’t have one person sitting out there along for more than a few seconds. lol
It would be really hard to do for more than one attack without having them on a Line call or Line chat via a separate device. Or sitting on the couch next to you. :joy:

Ok. Looks like it is viable then. Guess I’ll create the gc. Thanks ya’ll :kissing_heart:

One thing you might want to consider…

When you Glory swap with a friend, you are decreasing the strength of both of your armies. It is probably better to decrease the strength of an enemy, rather than a friend.

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My team has no enemies. :woman_shrugging:

Everyone is you enemy :t_rex:

Why couldn’t you tell your team and setup 1 castle on each team for this to happen at ?

Got no castle …

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Glory trading is just regular glory except you cooperate with someone to allow an easier target or by trading troops or both.

Likely the best situation involves using the trapper 100% or home castle 100%

With revives no longer benefitting failure you won’t see better performance (glory per troop taking born attacke and defender into consideration) even averaged between two players from bad attacks.

Basically you will want to get as close to 2:1 ratio as possible likely.

Not really different than before.

I think the pain from being on the wrong side of a 2:1 kill ratio undoes the gains from being on the right side. If you’re swapping with an evenly matched primarch, aim to each get 3 flames or 1:1 troop losses on your attack.

5 flames:

  • attacker loses 3000 revivable, 750 permadead, gains 5625 glory
  • defender loses 4500 revivable, 3000 permadead, gains 2813 glory
  • recovery cost after swapping attacks: 52.5k hats, 5.5M gold, 3.2 days queue time

3 flames:

  • attacker loses 4875 revivable, 2625 permadead, gains 5625 glory
  • defender loses 5250 revivable, 2250 permadead, gains 5625 glory
  • recovery cost after swapping attacks: 49k hats, 5.2M gold, 3.1 days queue time.

The 5 flame attack isn’t good enough to make up for how much the 5-flame defeat sucks. It’s worse on every outcome metric. Less glory, more recovery time and cost.

Kill and revive ratios from mechengg’s calculator, using same level/equal troops bronze 2 trapper/sieger in nml.