How to ascend to mythic

I want to ascend from krygant to avernic…how to do that. It is not allowing when i click on ascend button.

I understood it as: evolution stones could be generic between Avernic, Krygant and Barbend; but, once you want to “mythicize” one, you have to choose that ascension stone specific to your choice?

You won’t be able to as Scin stated above. If you have made a mistake contact support ASAP, they may be able to help you with a mythic line refund due to it being a new and different season structure.

Good luck.


You cant. Not sure why you would think you would unlock Avernic’s mythic line and runes to use on Krygant. The Ascension stones are unique for each of the dragons since that is also where all their runes and skins are located.

Hopefully you can get a support agent who is willing to help you out


Krygant and Avernic are different dragons. You want to get the Krygant ascension stone which is the second line on the page. It’s not very clear.

Just message an agent and ask them to change your ascension stone to Krygant and to unlock that second line for you. Good luck.


Have to be careful to ask for the whole line or you may not have his mythic rune and glypgh

imo they should have locked the different stone branch so people dont claimed by mistake, i mean if i dont have warrior why would i want to claim warrior stone plus all stone looks same. i wont claim it but some players may like this one, i blame pg for this one.


I understand where you are coming from and I agree to an extent. But it’s not malicious and they are trying there best.

I think for the future there should be a bit more clarity and distinction between the screens so this doesn’t happen again.

well there was a mail system saying we need to be careful picking stone🤷‍♂️. its like giving chance make mistake(unintended) then getting punished for mistake. i just hope this player gets the justice. not trying to be rude btw just pointing out how it should have been.

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The mythic line should have just been on the same page as the legendary line. That way there’s no confusion.


I made a similar error with one of my alts and mistakenly used one of Barbends evolution stones on Krygant. I asked suport for a one time assist and like normal they refused. Couldn’t finish leveling Barbend without having to purchase basically both lines. PG support is perhaps the worst in the industry and it doesn’t matter how politely you ask or how much money you have spent. PG sent the warning the day after I asked for help. My frustration with them has turn to pure on hate after 6 years. Whoever “The Team” is they keep referring to isn’t any better.


Oh baby…

Try again, it seems odd that there is an issue with fixing this for you…

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