How to attack to a castle?

Hello guys. I was searching through about how to do glory swapping properly and learned it’s not the only way to gain glory if your team doesn’t have a castle and if they let you to be able to attack whoever you want (attacking a castle). So as a low level lets say 80-100 how can i do that like should i just take my trapper and find a player with a sieger on a castle around my level and attack him? Can you suggest a suitable way to attack a castle for glory.

I need to say a few words here. I don’t want to see somebody crying down there like “bluugh what a poor guy, he doesn’t even know the basics” bla bla. The war dragons is a really big game according to a mobile game. The people are spending like hundreds, thousands of hours playing this game. Everybody should accept that the game is not doing very good explaining itself, the players learn majority of their knowledge on the way by experiments, asking the other people to learn from their EXPERIMENTS. Thus there are bunch of players in the game who are very kind and helpful but on the other hand there are also a lot of players bullying, behaving rude. What am i want to reach here is to say; you don’t have to answer everything guys seriously. Just leave the topic there if you didn’t like the words inside that’s all. Anybody doesn’t need your nonsense suggestions other than what is asked. I am sorry i didn’t spend as much as you did but this doesn’t give you the right… At the end you can be a god in the game but your a piece of flesh just like everyone remember that.

Very few people will have siegers exposed on their castles, normally. For leveling a trapper, you’re probably better off on Aligane.

For castles, you’d generally take a sieger or destroyer, and hit people’s trappers and taunters. Sieger hits harder, but is also easy to destroy before you finish a run. In either case don’t load a ton of troops, since you will be locked down on the castle for a while once you fly in.

If you do coordinate with your team, you can make it a bit safer, because it will be harder for defenders to take you all out, and high level teammates could protect you with their taunters.

This is only scratching the surface of course, there are a lot of details and things you can finesse. Ideally, find someone in your team with experience with these things and ask them to mentor you.


“Never mind the manuvers, just go straight at 'em”

My advice: go to a castle that has taunters you can attack, or a castle with no taunters. If a castle has taunters whose combined troop numbers out number your primes own, you have to hit them first, so ensure you can hit one of them before proceeding. If you find one without taunters you can hit any primarch, just be aware, once you go to a castle you will be blockaded for a set amount of time. Make sure you only bring a number of troops you can use to avoid becoming stuck. It’s better to make a second trip than attack, run out of targets you can hit, then be stuck dead in the water.


I know someone who is your level and looking for a glory swap partner. Private message me in game. I’ll give you his name and a few directions and your all set. My in game name is BeatifulPython note the spelling and that there’s no u😉 So I get the message.


There are some really good tutorials and how to’s on YouTube. My two cents

Thanx for every answer guys you helped a lot.

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