How to beat sniping🏴‍☠️

i could tell you how to beat sniping :upside_down_face:
the one actual way
that no one seems to know


That’s never going to happen, even if they did, there’ll l still be alliances even without the feature.

rude people are part of the problem. loathe urself elsewhere.

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Why would they banned them? If there not breaking the rules?

Plus, the solution to get rid of pirates is to get rid of all safe zone and make them red zones.

there are way more teams without castles than you think. besides the lvl 4 castles are easy to hold and replenish troops. ur idea doesnt work.

who is getting banned for transfering troops? castle teams
who also was mentioned in that pg post for using castle guard swaps and degrading the game…not just pirates

Honestly(not to sound rude), I don’t pay attention to small teams. I’m in a team that needs to hit the top 20-50 teams to get 100% glory, so not every team is the same. Some big teams may take little teams castle for there own or for other small team.

It’s basically battle of the fittest.

Plus, the solution I said above about getting rid of safe zones will force the pirate teams to merge together to make a team to get a castle. Without a castle(s), where will they revive troops or prims :man_shrugging:t2:

When you said it’s going to be easy to hold a T4 Castle, it won’t. All the big teams will hunt you down & take it from you and they’ll keep it, sale it, or give it to a one of there alliance teams that need it.

Of course that’s if they do that :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s there fault for trying to cheat the system, they get what they had coming.

Nothing more to say on that besides I’m glad they got banned.

Mostly every team that has a alliance swap Cg, that’s not breaking the rules. It’s just a a way to benefit teams for having a alliance.

Same thing when players go in redzone to trade glory with each other 1v1, it’s not breaking the rules either.

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This kinda feels like you are trying to brute force change people’s personal definition of pirate teams.

That and you are throwing a lot of shade at castle owners and trying to paint us as the bad guy. Not really sure why. Individuals are abusing bugs or “unintended features”. I have no doubt some members of pirate teams would abuse the features if they could and plenty would not. Just like castle owners. It really doesn’t seeM Relevant.

For me, a pirate team is a team whose purposes is to not own land and to snipe any castle they please. Numbers and motivations are irrelevant to me. And this playstyle has a place to an extent. It really doesn’t feel fair in its current form. Especially this.

This is exactly what makes people hate atlas. Undefendable situations. Repeated farming of weaker people. Especially by castleless teams as retaliation is impossible. It’s risk free. Are pirate teams “wrong” for doing it? No. As of right now it’s not breaking any rules and it’s probably one of the most efficient ways to get glory.

What’s the solution? Hell if I know. But I feel attacking someone in atlas should have more risk. The team should have a chance to get a hit in, whether that’s the primarch being forced to have enough troops for two hits on or something. Let the defenders actually have some time to hit back once. Make the risk be a bit more. But even then this feels like a bandage solution.


i see ur bias
its ok to trade castle gaurd glory, thats not degrading the system so to speak or cheating in any way
but its wrong for my team to earn their glory? and thats wrong and cheating bc we gave up benefits to get more glory

we have a lvl 4 castle now for shits and giggles. they are everywhere

u keep assuming pirate teams are these half dead gold teams
mine isnt
we turn down 30 or so players every week. many breeding obsidian or higher.

we cant hit down for glory
we hit platinum 1 teams or higher
if they havnt figured out how to build better bases or beat pirates how is that anyone elses fault? they can retaliate/ defend/ kill our prims first.
ive seen it. i wont tell the whole world how to beat sniping but there are ways

and brute force changing peoples definition? I created the term atlas pirates. how is it anyone elses definiton but my own

Please explain how I’m bias about pirates?

All I did was give my insight on how to fix pirates :man_shrugging:t2: I even said if they(Pg) done that as in made all safe zone into redzones.

Factually wrong. You get the advantage of hitting first and surprise. People have no idea you are coming. They then have a good 1”-15 second delay in starting a fight. And that’s IF they happen to be at the right castle at the time. So Unless they happen to be at that castle, be capable of beating the enemy base, AND the attacker takes so long that the head start is meaningless, then there is no way to win.

This is assuming the pirate player is using the right strategies for glory sniping and is “focusing the weak” players you keep describing. If so. There is no way to beat them.

You created YOUR definition. I do not agree with it and do not subscribe to it. It works for you and that’s good, stick with it. But it’s not one I will use and when I refer to pirates I’ll be referring to what I said above. Maybe others will disagree with me and that’s fine. But you can’t really decide what a pirate team is for me.

There are ways to make sniping manageable/less profitable. But it doesn’t resolve the fact that it is the single lowest risk highest reward method of glory farming. There is a reason players drop out of higher ranks temporarily to farm glory then go back.

Define hitting down? We talking low ranks, or are we talking weak players? Cos I guarantee plat players on pirate teams do hit both of the above. Maybe not always. But I know they do occasionally. You absolutely can hit down. Unless you are referring to castle ownership. That one is true.


That’s a down side for being a pirate(You did it on your own will) :man_shrugging:t2:

Teams snipe other teams to get glory, don’t try to make yourself into a victim for not having the benefits for being on a team with castle(s). Teams do raids to get glory, go to red zone to get glory(not 1v1 trade off either), & hit enemy teams Cg if they don’t have enough troop count to prevent it from happening.

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im not playing the victim. i tried to show you your bias against somethimg thats different from how you are playing

Ok. I mean again. I created the term. But go ahead and morph it to fit your own agenda or w.e. is the reason for not acknowleding I created the trend and know it better than you.

I’m not, I don’t care if you’re a pirate or not.

We(my team) haven’t experience any pirates hitting us at all.

You do you.

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thank u for being civil
people hate listening to others in these forums
it gets to be too much to even disagree apparently.
its nice when people know how to respectfully disagree

I was from the start :joy:

Aren’t you pretty biased yourself? We are ALL biased. Nothing wrong with that.

Your entire post is pro pirate. (This is not a criticism). Hell I am biased against pirate teams for reasons I stated above. Gold isn’t wrong for being biased.

It’s willingness to hear things out, discussing things and being willing to change if needed that is more important imho.

Define created. Do you know for a fact that no one in the game used this term before you? Is it because you gave it a definition first? If so do you know for a fact no one else used it first? What is it that made YOU specifically the creator? And what makes your definition right?

You make this sound so sinister. You’ve come in telling me to change how I define something, saying you are the “creator” of a commonly used term, said you know better than me and providing no basis for this outside of “I created it”. Hell I don’t even know what you mean or if you actually did. And all I said is no. I’m not changing how I see it based off of what you said. I’m twisting nothing. You are trying to twist my definitions. And I’d be happy to be flexible if I felt there was a reason to change it


Hey :joy:

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and yes i am pro pirate
but i saw a post asking what are pirates
and saw so many things that dont align with my team
i felt it wud b better to openly state how it came around.
for whoever is designing the game
maybe they should consider all sides