How to build up a better base?

I have seen some threads about base building, and discussed about it already a few times. I m lvl 84
At the moment my base is 1. island= 2 lumber, 2 food; 2. island= 3 lightning 1blue, 1red 3. island = fire, ice, flak, red and blue.
I am thinking about to move with island 2 complete to island 6, with island 3 to island 5 and put one wind and ice on island 4 and some cannons behind(maybe the red and blue to the center of this twin island between wind and ice) After sure moving with island 1 to island 3.
In this Plan i gonna build 5 more towers!? What else could I do to get a more effective base?
Also i would be interested in people which could share the best bases they see with me😃. But not the lvl 570 one.
Thank you in advance for every useful advice

Hey @VladZepes

It would be really helpful if you could show us what you mean. Try the base builder here:

Keep it short for right now. You will not need another island for a little while yet. High level towers just take a long time to kill. Even with Necryx at level 10, and Kin to follow, a short base over level 100 is quite tough, and if defended, even a short base like that at level 70 is too hard to take on. Once you are well into the 100s, it will be time to expand farther. I have a similar setup, except I have the lighting towers and their mages first, to steal rage sonthe flak has no shields to deal with. I am thinking of possibly trading out one of the lightnings for a high level cannon to break white shields, to hopefully force attackers to use even more rage.

When you do reach the point where you need to populate the center twin island with towers, I have had the toughest time with bases that have a set of four mages, a red and a blue for every cluster of five towers. Because of Necryx, I would tend to lead off on Island #6 with two mages, a storm (wind?) and two high level non elemental towers, at least one being a cannon. This island would be used to sap rage from the attacker, and deal damage, making them easy targets for the powerful elementals on the next island. The long island, or “twins” as you call them, should be led off with your dark flak, ready to rip any unshielded attacker apart. Two mages+ice+storm should protect this tower so it can do its thing. A pair of lightning towers in the back, with another cannon and two mages would top it off nicely. Then, on island #3, you would have your farms, perhaps protected by one red mage.

I will end this by saying I am only level 70, so I have little experience with how higher level bases beyond 130 or so behave. Feel free to critique these ideas.


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The number of towers you got now is correct. Don’t build another 5. The only thing I’d say is your base is 100% elemental. With Necryx widely available that makes your base perfect for necryx to solo and/or disable completely. You should consider replacing your lightnings and/or fire turret with at least two normal projectile towers (cannon or archer).

See my base set up - not the best but I do like it. The farm in front is a dark flak:


The first base is exactly what I have at the moment, just the resources don’t have the right lvl and the empty spot is a dark flak tower.

The second base is the idea which I have in mind at the moment. Here is the empty spot a dark flak too😃

Thank you for you reply. It looks to me on first sight like one of the ruliths bases, am I right?

You said my number of towers is „now“ correct, so when it should became more… or less😃?
What you tell about replacing lightning towers, isn’t it no good to put less then 3 lightning together?

Yes mine is modelled on @mechengg. 2 lightnings still do good damage. U can consider replacing one lightning and the fire turret with a cannon and archer or two cannons.

You can add 5 mage towers now if u like as a rage drain. But you won’t have to add 5 more attacking towers until mid 200s maybe. I haven’t tested at what level you need to add more towers to progress. @mechengg is putting a guide together.


Just front part of island 2 from grumpy base. Those 5 towers maxed till next 1 year or till it allows. Forget everything else apart from rss towers :joy:.

These guys helped me to learn this and my base now creating storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: in platinum tier.


Hey. I’m pretty new to this game, but I’m wonder why some of you high level players don’t have anything on the first island? And have your sheep farms and lumber mills at the first small island, and then all of the towers on the big one?

The small island with the dragon perch gives a bonus of a legendary or mythic dragon is on it. If that is a legendary or mythic warrior, it gives an HP boost to our farms. Typically, high level farms are REALLY difficult to take down.

The middle long island is ideal for attack towers. As the dragon tries to take down the front five, it gets ripped apart by the back five.

We always want our farms at the back of our base, so that is why we chose the middle long island over the one closest to the castle.

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My opinion after trying similar base to both those bases is that while second one is great for a player to defend, i.e. for war, the first base with some minor tweaks seems to work better as undefended base.
As long as your priority is war, second base is probably one of the best setups.
Otherwise, which will mostly not be the case :wink: i would keep the first base setup.

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Thx LUFFY for your feedback. To look on the bases like undefendet and defendet is very interesting. But it absolutely makes sense to me. As the healing towers get there ability like twice, for excample. I know the feeling while flying against such healing combinations just thinking when will I hit him, just shooting already an hour on him?

Do somebody see some major mistakes (or just small one) which I made in this set up?

What’s about the mages(red or blue), how important is it to keep them on the highest level? Or can I let them below my high lvld attack towers, in level?

I think blue mages should be in the front of island to stop any shield/regen/ milli-second delayed Thunderstorm attacks.
My preference of levelling is Blue Mage>= Red mage>= DF > = rest of towers.
Personally i would love having a storm guarding the first part of middle long island in second setup and short island in first setup.
In the first setup i would also have a storm in the place of lightning tower beside the blue mage in long island.

So you don’t like fire towers at all😜!?
I am very careful with what I’m saying because I’m pretty young in this game, but the 4-5 mage towers in front never gave me a discomfort feeling. Maybe it’s because of Drakius(after I generate rage) whit him I Start usual against such bases or maybe it’s because this Technik becomes more effective with a higher level.

I have some (for my situation) very big players in team for excample, all of them are total against the archer. They don’t use one of them and tell everybody don’t to use them. As I understand you like them. Because of the poison effect, or are there some abilitys (like cannons breaking shields) which I don’t know?

Did you mean ballista?

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I had the blue mage in front but kinarus was runnIng thru because dodo attacks at first the blue one, after shields up and running thru🔥.
Only for this reason I put them behind, I had better results against same level kinarus with the blue mage in the back.

I like the storm guards too, but which of my nice high level towers I should take away???:sob:
That is one of the main risen why I want to expand a bit.
So I should keep the mage for sure everytime on up with the highest level which I have, understand.

:joy::joy::joy: Long Time i dont see some meme

You need Dark flak and invincibility / ice shield along with it for killing Kinnarus! and i love killing Kinnarus :rofl:

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