How to change USD value into LKR

All purchases r in USD units , how to change it into LKR ( srilankan rupees ) ?

Change your Apple store or Google play store to your country and the currency will change

Thank you …

I changed in my App Store but still it’s showing in dollars :dollar:

Weird. When I change my app store from USA to Canada, the currency changed from USD to CAD… maybe you need to change your billing address?

I have had this kind of situation, and Google assisted me over the phone, I suspect it may be similar with Apple

  1. You need to change your country in AppStore. Check if the price of any given content is shown in the desired currency (LKR in your case)
  2. Load the game, check the in-game store.
  3. IF it is still in USD, close the game, go to phone Settings> Apps and delete the Appstore data. Then log in again.

This should solve it, or at least I hope it helps.

As a last resort you may ask for assistance from Apple Support - or whatever their name is.

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