How to claim ascension token on archmage line?

I notice that the free token is after the 100 claimable electrum bar.

Can I skip the 100 claimable electrum bar and claim the free token?

Do I need to claim one of the 100 claimable electrum bar before I can claim the free token?

Do I need to claim all 100 claimable electrum bar before I can claim the free token?

Technically, NO.

YES. Claim only once is enough.

NO. It’s a repeatable node. Once is enough to proceed.

WEIRD set up tho.


Unfortunately you have to claim the electrum bars once, then it’ll allow you to claim the ascension token. It’s rather dumb since multiple claim prizes are supposed to be optional and seperate from the main line. They should have put the ascention token before the bars or with the final key but I guess they wanted to get those 200 sigils out of us.


It’s like as if we still pay for the “FREE” Ascension Token. :relieved:

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Thank you.

It’s probably going to be the same for festive.

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Like saying admission is free but we have to charge you a door opening fee because of the wear and tear on the door hinges


Most likely is a coding issue. Easier to add at end of existing line than inserting it before the repeatable node.

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Not sure if that’s a thing to be honest here. Unless they have something REAL weird going on, it should just be adding a single number to set a cost in one line of code. Unless they have really awkwardly set
It up why could they not have a free thing before a thing that costs. They have the gold chest repeatables after the mythic lines

You’ve answered yourself, pretty much.

Once, a dev did say their pile of spaghetti’s pretty much untanglable without having to recode the whole game… although we, then, weren’t really talking about the seasonal rewards, but if things are coded in a way that it is impossible to pinpoint fix a single thing, then everything is probably coded the same way.

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