How to cut a Diamond?

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So I’m a member of a gold 3 team and for some reason a good number of members have all recently been attacked by the same 219 player. When asked why their answer was “Hazards of a leader that lacks common sense and tries to farm players… “Found” me a new playground”. I’ve tried to make heads or tails of this as our team leader is a fairly gentle soul and way below this person’s level.
Outside of contacting their leader (a Diamond 2 team, so I assume the understand game etiquette) and mine (and of course asking for further clarification)- any additional thoughts you may have?
Thank you.

ignore them. Just a child who has nothing better to do.

Yup, ignore them.

I mean, what are you losing? Pride? Resources? Unless you are fairly high level, he aint taking much of your resources, so who cares? Let em be all big and bad. His day will come…from the sounds of it, prolly already has and is just blowing off steam…


Thanks folks. I was guessing as much but since I’m fairly new want to make sure these kind of folks don’t usually become a nuisance.

You should make it known to your leader you are being farmed and let them work it out.

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Sounds like your leader may have accidentally farmed their friend or alt or something. Just ignore ‘em

Just surprised considering my leader just made level 91 so it would be a miracle if she had farm them first.

I bet she farmed an alt (one of their lower level accounts), not that big account.

Thanks folks. I appreciate the insight.

hauheset xd

That seems to be the answer for most things in WD

Lvl 219 player or 229?

build a base that cost a lot to take out by someone around your level and bore the high level when keep hiting the same weak base

It’s Tuesday. During the lull between events, a lot of bad mid-high level players turn to random dickery to amuse themselves. They usually pick on players in gold leagues because the chance of retribution is lower. They do tend to have limited attention spans, though, so there’s that.


Thanks I’ve usually found these things happen in the gold/silver level because people get into multiple revenge attack modes (it would be nice if there was a way people could look back into who they’ve attacked in the last 48hr so they can say “my bad”). I’ve contacted the attacker and the supposed offender to see if they can discuss this.
WD should be a fun environment to get away from pettiness like this. And it usually is.

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