"How to Defend" Tutorial for New Players

I’m posing this suggestion as an officer of a team in Gold V that has a ton of new players (as in brand spankin new, just started this/last week) who have no idea how to defend at all. While the game gives you a tutorial video every time you breed a dragon with a new ability, new players are pretty much left to figure out defending on their own. I mean, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain the whole drag and drop thing tonight alone with this being their first war and all. Even if it was just defending one mock run against one of Gustav’s minions with a tutorial going on as the dragon attacks. Sort of like when a new player has to attack one of Gustav’s bases with help from the system. Just a thought for the benefit of the new player (and teammates who have to work with them).


Check out the Defending 101 course in the War Dragons Academy www.wardragons.info/academy
Good base knowledge and great intro for new players :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link! I’ll post it in our wiki so they can use it.

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You are most welcome! There are a few other forum threads in here as well that provide additional insight :blush:

Shoutout to @ShadowsOfBirds and her def guide:
Guide for Defending Bases


The guide Lutrus linked (Shadow of Birds) is excellent

You literally need nothing more than that

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