How to defend?!

I’m new to the game. I stupidly skipped over the mini tutorial on how to defend your base during attack.
Anyone able to quickly explain it to me or point me to where I can rewatch the tutorial/figure it out?

For a basic start:

  • Tap on the applicable defense banner, which will load you into the defense

Then, you can activate a limited number of super shots or temporarily boost your base.

  • Tap on towers to activate their super shots; you can learn about supershots by tapping on the video guide from the towers on your base
  • You can boost the attack of towers with the sword, health with the shield, and repair with the hammer

At the main base screen, when you tap on monuments, such as the dragon statue, you can also boost your base’s attack and health. It’s better to save these until later on, as they’re percentage based, so have a pretty minimal impact early on.

@RedRaidingHood has an extensive defense guide on the Rulith team site as well.


I’ll just add that to use the sword, shield and hammer, you need to drag it from the left side of your screen then drop it onto the group of towers you are trying to heal. Drag by putting your finger on the applicable icon then move your finger without lifting it off the screen. A red circle will appear indicating the area the boost will be active on. Position the circle over the towers you want to boost then drop it by lifting your finger off the screen…

Good luck!


Thank you so much!!

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