How to disable auto-kick?

Hi, I created a team recently and was wonder how to turn off auto-kick inactive members. I’ve looked through the team edit settings but can’t find a way to turn it off.

You can’t.


I feel like that’s something they should add tbh.

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Not really, teams full of inactive players don’t really add anything to the game.


Yeah, I guess you’re right.

The problem is that for some dumb reason we cant attack inactive accounts. If you try then it rejects the attack. So if you had a team full of inactive accounts that didnt get autokicked then that would be a lot of accounts that couldnt be attacked for war or pvp events.

I know it sucks losing them but as Morreion said those accounts arnt adding anything.
Personally I feel team creation should be disabled. We dont need anymore teams, we have literally hundreds upon hundreds of half filled teams that are desperate for active players. If anything many of them should be disbanded so their players can join together an fill teams with active people.


Well if you’ve looked, silver league is non existence. So they’re half way there to disbanding it to a point.

Uhm you really think that’s what would happen, the players whose teams were disbanded will join other teams :thinking:?

If they’re given warning ahead of time and not just logging in one day to find themselves teamless. Those are what I call “flypaper” teams. All they do is serve to snag newer players who dont know better and those players either eventually escape or they go nowhere and die. So if they actually want to play this game then yes, they’ll find another team out of the hundreds out there or they’ll quit. Either way they werent really doing anything anyway so better to give them a shove out of the nest and hope they fly and dont splat on the ground. Those filler teams have been around for way too long and need to go.


Lol damn man it would be an interesting way to really reduce the number of players for sure.

Would be nice to disable this actually. We had a player fighting cancer and wanted to keep her in the team, but auto kick said not today. Shame, leadership should have control of who is in their team.


But the person auto kicked can always rejoin when they can. That’s happened to my team a few times. A few people got busy with real life, they told us about it, and the game auto kicked them. But they rejoined when things settled down for them and they could help the team out more.

Yes auto kick sucks booty but having inactive people isn’t helping the team, only hurting it

If leadership in a Diamond team needs auto kick to control their Inactives then they have bigger issues. We wanted her to remain in the team so on the off times she was feeling ok and could play she was able to do so. Yes she can rejoin but the account is still inactive so would just auto kick the next day again.

It was just a general statement. That’s all, people get auto kicked and it sucks. But sometimes it’s needed. So maybe instead of asking for to turn it off maybe allow leadership to adjust the length it takes for the auto kick to happen. Like for your position Dashyt, a teammate has cancer and can only play once in a while. Leadership should be able to go, “okay this person has been inactive for X amount of days and the game might auto kick them soon. Maybe we should raise the time of the auto kick from X days out from inactive to a longer time. Cause we want to keep this person around and we know life is hard for this one right now.”

If that makes sense

I feel like a possible solution to “too many teams” would be to make it to where not everyone can just create a team because right now anyone can just make one. Maybe there should be some requirements to make a team.

What’s the point of inactive players on your team ?

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