How To Ensure You’re Never Kicked Off a Team

This is a new one, I’ve never seen it before today:
Member tells me that he has 20k rubies missing from his game and he thinks one of our team members stole it from him.
How? I ask him. He says “The cheaters and hackers that you’re hiding in the guild.” I’m thinking I’m gonna give him enough rope to hang himself so I humor him “ok, which players are cheaters and hackers?” He says,”I don’t know but I’ve been working with someone from PG and I know that your account is clean but there’s three. And they’re gonna be banned between the 30th and 15th. So don’t kick me or the whole team is going down!”
I kick him.
Moral of the story: don’t try to strong-arm your spot in my team. And is the new retaliation “ooooh I’m gonna tell PG on you!”???


Haha omg. Working with PG… This was a nice read. Also, his dates were quite specific. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You can report that to be honest.

Be sure to not delete it.



To ensure not getting kicked.

  1. Attack the weakest opponent in war, or ask for a boss to help.
  2. Participate in event enough to avoid bottom last.
  3. Stay active once a day.
  4. Help in xp run once in a while


  1. Get into Bronze team
  2. Maintain activity to avoid autokick

I need to probably read some of this advice

We have a war rule on my little team…no one should be attacking anyone that is weaker than themselves unless there are no other options…:woman_shrugging:


Hits the level 40s then takes victory laps in LC. Mwuahaha.


ChefJen, since you have kicked this brave whistleblower from your team, there is now no one to protect you from the fiendish Ruby Burglars. Fortunately, I have created a secondary guide for you.

How To Spot A Ruby Burglar On Your Team

  1. Check to see if any your teammates has changed their avatar to this:

  1. If someone has, you’ve got 'em! Congratulate yourself.

  2. If no one has, you need a professional Ruby Burglar Catcher. Fortunately, I hear there’s a really good one who’s looking for a new team.

I hope this was helpful. Remember: only you can prevent ruby heists. Robble robble!


That guy stole my hamburger :triumph:


Here is the BEST advice for not getting kicked.

  1. Stay a low activity rating
  2. Don’t participate in events
  3. Don’t you ever do wars

Then wtf?!

Tagging @PGKharnyx for possibility of new avatar


That guy made me want a hamburger.

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sounds like a player that been doing the rounds for awhile now. Changes their name regularly, and claims to be PG Admin. Demands to be Officer etdpc etc, Been kicked from heaps of teams.

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  • Follow a very evil breeding path :man_shrugging:

:joy: This brings me so much joy. It’s the little things. :smiley:

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