How to exit the battle on ios without the "change dragon" button?

On android, you can exit the battle by pressing the back arrow and then confirming. This bypasses the animations of fireflies and dragons flying away and reduces the time it takes to complete. This is kind of a trifle, in fact, a great advantage in pvp and farming. So the question is, how to do it on ios, have any ideas?

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offsets the innate slowness of android, i guess? :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


in fact I farm more chests for this than anyone with ios and my second attack in command gauntlet pvp starts earlier than ios

I think this is an unfair advantage. I’m wondering if we can get a similar opportunity on ios

I demand android also forced to get the slowing dragon exiting the scene like in iOS.

Let’s make the game slower. Lol

if you do not have an answer to my question and a solution to the problem, there is no point in leaving such comments. there are many players in mine and in other clans who cannot receive 90+ bronze chests per hour, as can be done on android with the exit from the battle through the arrow back

if someone knows how to do it on ios, I will be grateful

Wow. I didn’t know that small scene is really making a huge difference.

I’m pretty sure there is no other way than swap dragon for iOS. But I am also sure this isn’t much of a disadvantage due to the obviously longer loading screens for android.