How to find Elemental embers current level

Is there a way to find out how many elemental embers, ice and fire as well, that I currently own? In my mind, this should be a storage hut function since I can’t forge them. If I want to know the number of mystic fragments, I can look in the incubator, and there are ways of finding the current levels of most other items, but not these that I can find.
Im asking, because it will help me figure out how far I can get my dark flak, my next upgrade uses lumber, but afterwards will use embers and I don’t know how many I own.
I have looked around and used the search function on the forums, but haven’t found any information. Is this available somewhere I am just not finding?

Start to build a tower requiring the materials (don’t actually build it) and it gives you a count


How do I check for number of energy pack and inner fire if no pvp event active?

You dont


For inner fire you can go to the add spell screen on a dragon to see how many you have.


Mail support and ask.


That’s precisely the problem. My next upgrade is 270k lumber. I need to figure out whether the elemental embers I currently own are high enough to do both the lumber upgrade and the ember upgrade.

The difference will be in the path I choose, egg tokens (which I need) or another event dragon, (which would be beneficial as well). I

If I have enough embers currently, I would choose the dragon while half off, and keep on the egg bonus afterwards. I wish I knew so I could then use the base builder to figure out where I will level up to the next fortification event. Just trying to be thinking strategically.

Is this the sort of thing you’re seeking? It’ll tell you what resources a building requires per upgrade. :t_rex:


you click on an empty spot that has no tower, the build menu will appear. Then select the flak tower which will show the cost at level 1 and how many ember you have

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That’s the app I was referencing, but do I have enough embers to complete the upgrade after my lumber upgrade to the dark flak? I don’t know.

Dawncrayon THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Ohh, gotcha. Sorry, I misunderstood :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

Unfortunately PG does not provide an inventory for us to see such things as Energy Packs, IFs and evo stones.

Seems simple enough but they seem to prefer we mail them and ask.

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@Mrxx2 you can check IF’s ,
As of right now i have 36 inner fires , will be claiming 40 or so more with sigil when event ends and prizes come out

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