How to Fix War Dragons(prepare for a long read)

1. Wars

  • Move to a 12 flame system-1 Flame per 10% base destruction-2 reward flames for a 1(or 2 with back up) dragon clear. Totaling 600 flame war system in addition to the defense point system. Getting max Flames should be a challenge, not a given.

  • A 4th defense consumable-Cleanse an area of all negative status debuffs: Large radius(1 full long island), long cd for for other consumables(10s), limit 1 per defense(per person)

  • Limit the number of times a single person can back the members of the team, to around 5.

2. Runes

  • Soulless Runes and Glyph: A blank rune/glyph that has 7 ranks(greater than mythic), with 3 stat potential.
    Customizing the stats for it involve sacrificing other runes with a matching stat.
    i.e.: 20 common runes, 12 rare runes, 8 epic runes, 3 legendary runes, 1 mythic rune. The first sacrifice will apply to the primary stat, 2nd sacrifice to the second stat and the 3rd sacrifice to the third stat. Rune does still used to level the rune/glyph.

  • Increase the rune dust drop rate from 500 dust. I would suggest 50k and 500k(legendary rune dust drop), that way its at a point where it can be used but it isn’t so much that people will be overwhelmed, it will also relieve pressure off the dependence of season line rune dust.

3. Tier Releases

  • Release the whole tier at once, with adequate tower levels to deal with them, yes this will make for longer times in between new tiers. This is a good thing, we have plenty of tiers as is, and it will give more time to properly iron out all of the balance requirements.

  • The new tier will be for levels what? 370-420, just how many people are actually in the level range for this? How many times do you think you can do this before you outscale the tiers to the players.

4. Towers/Bases

  • Make towers and bases much harder, to the point that clearing 100% actually is an achievement, flying bases requiring skill and strategy, not just a matter of overpowering the base with raw stats. In this way getting 600 flames in war isn’t just a must for teams, it returns to being the primary goal of winning a war. @panda recently said the current success rate on war runs is approximately 97% personally I believe you should flip that, the success rate on war runs should be 3% between fully decked out teams like Dreadnought and NoMercyOrder. Getting 600 flames should require careful planned out flying against these Juggernaut level bases. I would like to see a type of war, where you need to fly the base a few times to iron out the specific strengths of the base, just to squeeze out one more flame for the war. Not one person backing everyone against in the war with an overpowered dragon(from raw stats alone).

  • Revisit old towers to give them identity and purpose.

5. Dragons

  • Dragon Identity: The 3 classes of dragons should each have a clearly defined role in design and play so that we can better focus and strategize around them. Whatever you define for them, just move them forward in that direction not a bunch of criss crossing bs, which either ends in an op dragon, or a smashed together mess.
    I.E.: Hunters-precision fliers who slip in and out, they disable and poke holes. What they shouldn’t do, is take out a whole base single handily or even 2. Like Necryx
    Sorcerers-Large scale destroyers, but super vulnerable like A&A
    Warriors-should be able to tank and survive, taking out a few towers over the course, and overall weakening the bulk of the tower. Like Destar(if the towers were properly balanced)

6. Gold Chest Drops

  • Lumber Packs & Food Packs: Tie it to storage capacity, Legendary drop should be 50% storage capacity, base drop 20%, common drop 5%, all rounded down to even numbers.

  • Exp potions: Legendary drop is 3 potions of 1.5x max exp, base drop of 5 potions at .5x max exp, common drop of 3 potions at .1x max exp, all values rounded down.

  • Timers: Up the drops across the board, 30/75 3h timers, 10/25 12h timers, and 4/15 24h timers, for the gold drops and legendary drops respectively

  • Put a cap on certain drops like tower buffs, no one needs 15,000 of these things, and even if we do drop down, the cap would lift and put us right back over.

7. Breeding

8. Egg Tokens

  • Introduce Scaling Token Mission: Every 100 levels double the pay out for missions. Base 20/40/80, 40/80/160 with elite, 80/160/320 for elite+season egg bonus. With this suggestion a level 300 players missions would grant 160/320/640, 320/640/1280 with elite, 640/1280/2560 Tokens with seasonal buff+elite. Over 30 days between breeding events a person can feasibly get enough tokens for more dragons. Enough to properly clear a tier like harbinger over the period between tiers.


  • Reduce the cost of obsolete tiers by reducing the egg token cost by roughly 10%, having a 3 or 4 tier wall of full priced dragons is more than enough, having the lower dragons have a cost reduction via reducing the number of tokens fragments required to breed them would alleviate this.

But only 1 or the other the combination of the 2 would dilute the resource too much and make breeding too available and easy.

9. Team Event Prizes

  • Expand the team achievements so its not so big a scale between prizes

  • Scale the prizes for the new league structure

10. Individual Prizes

  • Recently the pvp atlas event had fantastic levels of prizes, that quality of rewards should be carried across all event.

11. Closed Betas

  • You’re already doing this, so good, keep it up and roll it out ASAP.

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Great ideas

1 A system change would be appreciated. All areas should be calibrated to bring out a true victor. Defense points should be added to the tally :thinking:. Although 12 flames seems a bit much :skull_and_crossbones:, maybe 4 flames per 25%- thus six total flames? And win is gauranteed at 75% :thinking:.
Lets limit backing to ten. Shouldnt penealise dedicated players although I dislike this tactic( even though I use it :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:)

2 meh, as long as i get my rage runes/glyphs- would not complain in the package it comes in

3 :+1::+1::+1:

4 Can not agree more!!!

5 Isnt this what we have already? Necryx isnt OP, just skill like all other hunters

6 Indeed, chests should be scaled according to your level range

8 yes yes yes!. Cant believe this hasnt been implemented yet :triumph:

9 at this rate, even as a low level player, just excited for breeding events smh

10 don’t have atlas yet :sob::sob: bring to platinum please :hugs:

I’m not in favor of ANY cap on the amount of backs without a cap on the number of times a person can defend. Can’t cap one without capping the other.

Other than that, seems reasonable, I think.


I hate being tagged into items like this like I’m being forced to give an opinion.

From an initial glance it looks like it’s simply a roughly done collection of previously talked about topics. Not sure what makes this one so special to stand out from all the others but I may have a look at it later, who knows 🤷

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@Recramorcen love your ideas! They sound really good, and couldn’t agree more!

This is the 4th or 5th recent post about making a huge change in WD

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