How to fly Firefin

I know Firefin was a little “underwhelming” to a majority of players, and a lot of those who did go for Firefin did so for the “LOL” factor and his appearance.

I’m not going to try to convince anyone that he is exceptional, because there are many better dragons. However, I do think Firefin is usable for certain situation.

I haven’t spent nearly as much time practicing with this dragon as I have in other videos but I wanted to give a little tutorial :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to hit towers 1-2 tiers above dragon level depending on the amount of gear/boosts, and at appropriate tower level (Sapphire vs lvl 40-45 towers) Firefin clears the bases with ease! (Unfortunately I don’t have any recordings vs a defender though).

So here it is, enjoy!


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