How to fly Hauheset and Kullecid for dummies

Dear all experienced War Lords​:grin: Please can you help me with my dilemma? I am struggling to find the correct spell order to fly my two beasts… Any help will be appreciated… Pls do not just refer me to a YouTube video… I hv tried this already :woman_facepalming:t3:

Thanking you all so very much in advance​:two_hearts::two_hearts:


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Mainly, Sand, Timeshift.
Unfortunately, different layout (different islands, different blue mage position) requires different treatment

Youtube vids help a lot in finding the timing and the spot.

Similar, though we’ll need to get used to tower’s shot delay.

These are 2 very difficult dragons which have little room for error. They literally must be flown frame to frame. YouTube videos especially from @Shivenzo are incredible helps. Moreso than anything we can try to type out.


this is a YouTube video… but watching someone else fly her well really does help to get the timing down

there are more hau videos on this channel


Throw both in trash.

Fly warriors.



I cant fly either, but I love watching people doing wonders with them

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It’s all fine and dandy until the server slows down your dragon on turning. It messes up all your timing.


My man


Hauheset :

  • learn how to blink
  • learn to sand early

Kullecid : many things, I made a video about it :

everything you should know is detailed there.


Haha yeah die before you even turn the corner, thanks dungeons :roll_eyes:

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i am using this video tutorial and helped me so much to understand him, now its only practice :slight_smile:

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No, what are you even saying? …

  1. Warriors suck imo (only a few are acceptable. PG ruined my tolerance for warriors)
  2. Hau is one of the most usable dragons in the game. Capable of killing max bases on the first level. Personally, I don’t have her yet, but will next event.
  3. Kullecid can kill bases up to 4 tiers above where the player has them at a current status.

Why “throw them in the trash”, when they’re so powerful? PG hasn’t released ANY OP warriors these past few seasons (Chelonoth sucks, Hyaku sucks, Haku sucks, etc.), and since breedables already aren’t viable until late-Vanguard tier, that automatically makes warriors a bad class in general (unless you’re already high up in those tiers). Although when you’re REALLY endgame (Empyrean-Abyssal), you’ve already learned how to properly fly, and can make ANY dragon work (unless it’s just THAT bad).


Imho, UVS, from last winter, is one of the best dragon for Atlas and Meglok, from last summer, is pretty efficient


Those are both MYTHIC hunters, and as mythics, you would expect them to be good, right?

Yeah… Come tell me how powerful Hau is after you actually try to fly it. :rofl:

I know like, maybe 5 people who can fly Hau at the expert level.


everyone that says this automatically gets entered into my “people I will attack repeatedly with hau” drawing

and I’m not very good so sorry in advance

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Haven’t you already been doing that?

My Hau is broken. Crumble to dust unsands stuff now, even though it does no damage. :angry:


if you were talking about uvs and meglok, they’re both mythic warriors, not mythic hunters…

or were you talking about hauheset and kullecid?

only one of them are a mythic hunter and the other one is a legendary hunter.

or did pg make any changes to kullecid’s rarity? :thinking:

This feels like an exaggeration. There is no way a kull can fight his way through a normal base four tiers up. Absolutely no way. The numbers just aren’t there. One or two towers that high. Maybe. But a proper base? Never.

Kull is a good dragon. The main skill is prioritising the right things to kill and timing dodges. You need to focus the threats to you with siphon and rely on the healing and blinking to dodge the rest. Just play it slow. Rarely let the cloak go on it’s full cd. Use it for the dodge and ammo regen. And cycle your blood fury often.


Yes, I meant warriors, oops!

I’ve killed 700M bases with my 23M Kullecid, which had around level 52 towers :man_shrugging:t4: