How To Fly Hyaku - Withermoon Legendary Fire Warrior

I’m not a huge warrior fan, but Hyaku is one of the more entertaining warriors I’ve flown.

He isn’t a godly dragon and won’t stay in my line up long (probably will keep for this season for the low heal time) - however, he is still a reasonably strong dragon for attacking bases of equal strength, especially for those who are new to the game or need a new dragon for the line up (especially if you started during the discount period).

He struggles with defended bases but if you don’t try to hit above your tier you should do well most of the time.

Hope this video helps!! Let me know your thoughts.


The defended clip the defender didn’t even use hammers on the kill. That stops hyaku in its tracks. Not very good I’d say. Got him for the discount and expectations were about what I got. my rider and fire gear is all still on Scorpa as it’s the much better dragon.

They used 1 hammer but it wasn’t timed well - if you don’t hit above your tier a single defender should be manageable but I 100% agree that scorpa is much more viable (still my favorite dragon in my roster) and I while Ronin has a higher ceiling, I can more reliably taking higher level bases with Scorpa than Ronin l, due to user error :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:.

ah, I do love a good withermoom dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

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