How to Fly Morta - SoulDance Legendary Sorcerer

Hope this helps those who got/get Morta!


Nice to see you dealing with the howitzer. Definitely need to time Wing (Wind?) Gust well


A dragon that demand a consumables to live through an undefended run is a trash one


Change the gust spell to a cloak cooldown 1 sec. A viable dragon.

Or make it a windwall or reverse, those are super useful against howitzers so I wouldnt mind seeing some of them return in spellkits lol

And useless against everything else

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Nah, if it was a white one it’d be anti-mage same as wind gust. You just lose the 1 sec stun.

I’d take being able to counter long range howitzers over a 1 sec stun

So, you’d rather die from EVERY* flak on the base?

Me and my sorcerer flight abilty ;




windwall blocks flaks

As the spell is, it does not block flaks

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Actually it doesn’t block flak


yep just tested. Thought it would since flaks are technically projectiles.

They are, but you can also check morr’s site.
Not all projectiles are reversible

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Most dragons can take more hits from a flak than a howitzer and she has an attack that hits hard and heals. Die from a howitzer or die from a flak, doesn’t really make a difference lol

Ice flak cancel and dark flak stun says hello

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As does the howitzer, flaks don’t have a guaranteed supershot on all attacks but howitzer normal attacks hurt more than their supershots :woman_shrugging:. Dead is dead lol. Morta is useless with most bases having howitzers

With no SS, it takes 3 hits from my 3 flaks to kill Marav-with bad gear
With SS it is less than 2 each

:rofl::rofl::rofl: (insert characters)

Their beams though