How to Fly Namaka

Hello again :slight_smile: I have another video tutorial, this ones for Namaka. I haven’t mastered her yet but have a few tips and tricks and I’m quite impressed with her strength even without an actual rider for her or leveled gear (all footage is with Sophia and lvl 1 legendary armor). I have Reginald on her now and once I level him and get all my elite gear leveled up shell be much stronger!

Hope it helps and if there more specific things you’d like videos of I can always try to make another video with them :slight_smile:


It would be nice if PG would fix the very buggy 4th shot. It fails to work properly quite often.

Explain? I’m using it consistently
The only thing I saw affecting it is the Ghost of the Last Destroyed Tower

The fourth shot sometimes does not freeze - it’s just a normal shot. Not an ice flak thing, happens on invaders, too.

Sometimes that 4th happens on the 2nd shot in the next cycle, but usually the fail is just loss of the 4th shot freeze, not a delayed freeze.

I’ve never noticed this happen for me… perhaps you should record screen if possible to get some footage to share with support.

Never had it happen for me either🤷🏼‍♂️ Lucky I guess

I have multiple videos of it, but cannot post them here without using an intermediary like YouTube.

I was pointing out obvious everyday problems with dragon spells. How did my last comment get flagged?

I’m guessing that’s why.

Good point. Thanks.

It happens usually when you use the cresting wave on the 4th shot and try to shoot the 4th shot right after that. The only way to bring it back is to shoot cresting wave again to get that freeze shot again.

Interesting, I’ll try

Not on the videos I have. CW doesn’t appear to be a factor.

Anyways, if we want to keep discussing this issue, it should be in a bug thread. Mods care to create/move the appropriate posts?

What I saw as a weird interaction (firing very quickly) is a second 4th shot even with the dragon reloading


If you wanna see or discuss bugs of namaka: Namaka bugs 2. Could someone help?

Seems to have something to do with using the red spell before the 4th shot

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Thank you, I didn’t recalled that thread. Yee is the same

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