How to fly Narlyth - Tips and Tricks

Finally have Narlyth and I am excited to share some gameplay and tutorials!

This video was just with my initial first 1-2 days of flying and at sapphire-garnet, but I am working on footage at max emerald to share soon too!

I hope this helps!


An additional video to @Shivenzo video on how to fly Narlyth, It will suit any type of player no matter their base skills:

  • beginners
  • average
  • alien

Here’s the link :

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Thank you for the videos, surely helps. One question regarding WoM, is there anything special needed to use it? WoM seems to fly slowly to its targeted tower…I realize that in the video that this is where most of us will say it is glitched, and to tap quickly twice…still trying.

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It does fly slowly, you can’t speed it up unfortunately. A couple keys to prevent it from failing to land are to have a short pause between loading and casting, and making sure you facing the island first. After casting you can cast cloak and stay in cloak until it lands so the tower can’t hit you.

Otherwise you can cloak as the tower shoots, then cancel cloak and cloak again before the tower shoots again depending on the tower attack speed

Thanks again, will continue to fly and try.

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Actually I’m going to explain what are the glitch that come from wom :

  • first one comes from the game speed. Actually when you cast the spell and then you shoot on the tower, for you it seems a normal speed, but for the game it’s completely different. The game didn’t recognize that you have casted the spell so it fires an ammo instead.
    Solution : try to be smooth when you cast his spells, smooth is fast with narlyth.

  • second is wom not sticking, actually what I’ve found about it is : wom isn’t glitched. The only thing with wom is that it does have a very short range compared to the other spells (which pg couldn’t fix). Let’s take an example : you have the spell sand, if you try to shoot it too early on turn it would not stick, but if you do it on middle turn it sticks, it’s the same thing with wom but the different is that wom requires you to be facing towers to be able to use it.
    Solution : When you fully face towers and you see them recognizing you, shoot wom and cloak. And smoothness helps too, when you are smooth you are slow, so you don’t shoot on turn.


This is a great explanation thanks!

The way this translates into my flying is rather than viewing it as a quick load and cast for WoM, my rhythm is:

  1. Preload Mind Spike
  2. Fire mind spike and quick load WoM
  3. Slight pause
  4. Facing the island now you fire WoM and quickly cast cloak.

This avoid the glitches many people experience because I the quick steps are in different places than many might naturally do them.


Yeb that’s how you avoid the glitch, it can be cast And cloak before the flak ( even ice flak) even hit you

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I’m flying Narlyth much better, practice, practice, practice. Thanks again for the help here…

My rhythm is:

  1. Preload Mind Spike
  2. Press/Hold Reality Warp
  3. While still holding RW, fire MS at Red Mage & secondary tower (destroying 2 towers)
  4. Release hold of Reality Warp, fire WoM at a tower (don’t wait for RW to complete, hence ‘blink’)
  5. Tap Reality Warp, and watch everything blow up
  6. Use Twisted Visage in between 4&5, or just after flying off that island…

For the people that have an issue wom not sticking, this video is made for you :

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Awesome video. Shows I need to practice Narlyth more.

There is one issue, but it isn’t with Narlyth specifically. If you are using an ipad or tablet, you can’t shoot on the turn effectively. You turn too fast, but if you play on a tablet you would probably already know this and compensate for it.

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