How to fly Ronin / Dreth

I want to preface this by saying I am still a beginner and these are entry level tips and suggestions to get a quick grasp of some techniques for these dragons.

I am posting these here because when I started I had trouble finding a place with information and tips on how to fly certain dragons and since these are 2 of the main new dragons I made a couple videos for them. I plan to get scorpa soon also and make a video, so if people like these and are interested I can post that also.

I would like to hear additional tips from others and how they fly differently and such.
This can also be a place to ask questions about them specifically if needed.

Hope these help! Enjoy!



Scorpa is fun to fly but his pattern is the same really not a challenge for Hunter flyers

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See, my issue is getting Whirlpool to strike three towers consistently. When I’m on point I’m on point and fly with it. However, that doesn’t happen nearly often often. I fly Dreth when I have to, but mainly on easier bases (like when backing others on runs) until I can really get the hang of him. Anyone else have any tips or tricks with Dreth?

Really? Here I was hoping to have a great Hunter in my lineup. I was thinking of grabbing her after Dreth. In the past I used to have favorite dragon types. How, it is dragon specific. I feel confident flying Warriors and Sorcerers, but not Hunters yet. That’s a lie. I love my Gunnar! :joy: Bit still looking forward to challenging Hunters so I can be a pro in that class.

like!! d(^_^o)

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Here is another older video of mine going through prospero and Gunnar if it helps!

I have one of Sakura but the song is…

(language is bad)
Here’s mine it lags a bit but that song is funny as heck

Nice :slight_smile: I’m very jealous and I’m sad I will never fly Sakura ;(
The way I am doing seasons now doesn’t give me the luxury of going for a festive since they don’t have a key.

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I save all my sigils now after discount dragon is done meaning when discount on it is over (if it’s worth getting) then I wait until everything is released


Elaborate on that please

He’s asking why your dragons aren’t significantly stronger than they are
(at least that’s how I read it)


Oh easy I’m working on that teir almost to the second garnet dragon

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@Shivenzo nice videos and nice flying. Probably one of the best ones I’ve seen on Ronin, pretty solid Dreth video too.

I haven’t found Dreth to be super effective defended unfortunately. But it’s super fun undefended.


Thanks I really appreciate that feedback!

Yea I haven’t had much defended runs yet but I can see how it would fall apart easily with a defender cause you have to Time everything right.

Nice timing on the switch from dark to fire immunity! I didn’t realize that the immunity began immediately - for whatever reason I thought he was naked during the transition. :beers:


Nice video’s. I can fly Ronin pretty well on the original base layout but the targeting in Atlas is SO goofy and annoying. Sometimes I’ll try to hit a back right corner if the towers are close enough together and it only kills the front tower … OR it goes past everything without hitting anything. I also only have issues with entrap in Atlas. Sometimes it will go right past the towers or not land at all only to land at the next spot I tap to attack. Overall great dragon though; challenging but rewarding.


Firing during the turn? The description matches the behaviour when firing too early during the turn. Wait a little more


I agree atlas makes it tougher… I personally haven’t put much time into figuring it all out yet. So I just play it safe with the 3 front tower execute and go from there. Sometimes just go for single tower trap because of a similar issue you have.

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Hit the red mages with whirlpool. That should be the first thing you do. Then sandblast the rest of the island. That stops you taking damage and does insane damage to the island, kill the rest of the towers at your leisure. Use the hydro strike and magic barrier as much as you can to keep your health up. My dreth is currently a low platinum (12M attack power with boosts) and I can take a 20-35M base depending on layout. With my only issue being the farms since he doesnt put out enough damage to take farms on 180+ bases. But well placed hydro strikes can help this out and aslong as it isn’t a war attack you only need 80-90% destruction to get max xp and resources so that ten or so percent isn’t that important unless you are a perfectionisy

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