How to Fly Telment?

Any tips and How-to fly Telment? I’ve been flying him now almost a week with little improvement.

At endgame he still struggles to take on undefended maxed bases and I noticed he can barely kill a farm without spells which is astounding for a dragon with 30B stats. I’m ready to dump him back to the dungeon.

Check Paper’s video on FieryxFury’s channel on youtube .

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I’ve watched plenty of videos but videos don’t clarify sequencing and priorities without a breakdown. Some content creators create breakdown tutorials I was just about to say I haven’t seen any yet for this season but there was one posted just 8hrs ago. Hopefully that will help How to fly Telment War Dragons #wardragons #Telment - YouTube

FieryxFury + Paper Videos:

I just have my live stream, but it’s in german.

From the looks of those videos, turn off autofly

Thanks I’ve seen these but I wasn’t learning from watching them. Hunters and warriors attack order are easy to follow on videos but sorcerer’s attack is more scattered.

I did just find exactly what a was looking for. Some just did a tutorial :pray:

EDIT: this tutorial answered all my questions and fixed my flights immediately. I no longer die undefended :joy:


As to Telment
He is pretty straight forward.
Single blue:

-Turn to island
-Cognitive fog on shield
-Dominate thoughts to freeze all incoming ss
Which lasts 2s
-Synaptic volt on blue mage
-Interference which lasts 4s
-Keep using cog and synaptic to kill
-When interference runs out after 4s
-Use Dominate thoughts to freeze all towers again which lasts 2s
-And by that time interference is off cd again so you can keep repeating both defense spells in succession of the other cd

Order of killing I use now

On beam islands make sure to take those out too as they hit through interference.


Thank you for taking the time to break it down. Much appreciated :pray:


Any vids or how tos on dealing with islands with double blues + shields?

I did have one posted on line groups for that as its not a yt video yet.:grimacing:


I thought sorcs were the auto fly class :smiley:

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Yes I have made a vid on that


Glad my hard work went to good use :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Absolutely! Nice job thank you!

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Thanks man. Any hints on double blue islands? Apart from consumable freeze spell I am a bit clueless

Necryx has a video showing how he killed a base with a double blue either in this thread or another one, would have to look for it tho

Nvm it’s like 3 posts up lol

You can use the the add on entrap.
On turn you kill one blue
Entrap 2nd blue
Now your blue spell will be available to shield

Make sure to not have auto on for that, and kill the 2nd blue before the trap ends.

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