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Hey, @HAWK maybe you can help with this.

Can I block certain players so I don’t have to see their posts?

On the same idea, can I block whole topics so I don’t have to see them?


I think you can only block the user from appearing on your notification (if I reply to your comment, it won’t appear on your notification if I block you)

I will block you and try to reply back to me

But what if I don’t want to see anything you post ever? Though I like you, Ken, there are a lot of idiots I’d rather not be able to read the ramblings of.

In the forum I was able to block categories in my profile, like Atlas and Recruitment which I’m not interested in, and usually I don’t get any notification about these categories unless misplaced.

I don’t know if it works for threads, users or subjects, there’s something similar in the profile so maybe yes maybe no, I’ll check.

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Oh, there’s the mute option for the thread, you don’t receive notifications about it and it doesn’t show up in Latest… Dunno if it helps, but if a thread bothers you well it works, I tried!


yeah guess only notification are the only thing you can block on this system.

according to another discourse forum, you can’t block a player or a thread. You can only mute their notification of pinging you or anything that would give a notification from this player


However, you can do so if you do something like this person suggested:


Can we start a contest to guess whom you wish to block first? :slight_smile: Three guesses and the first two don’t count.


Here take my money :joy: you can even hire a higher lvl poster to come take it :joy:


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