How to get ammo runes

I have wanted an ammo rune for zephyr and I noticed there was one in the list of rewards for silver chests this event. Is there a better way to get ammo runes than just opening a bunch of silver chests in the armory? And what are the chances that I will actually get it?

As long as FieryxFury isn’t too busy she posts the silver chest sequenced every fight pits.
You can open silvers till you get 1 mythic, and see if you’re close to getting an ammo rune or not. You need 1800 silvers to complete the cycle, but it almost never takes that much-especially following the sequence


Ok thank you, my last mythic rune was hunter attack. I’m not sure where that puts me though. Does the sequence change between different fight pit events?

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According to this from October ammo should be next after sorcerer atk, right?

It does

Ok where can I find this weeks sequence? Or has it not been posted yet?

It hasn’t been posted yet