How to get back a old account

How do you go about getting a old account back? I accidently deleted the storage of it on my phone when i was cleaning up stuff and didnt realize what i did till it was to late. What can i do?

If you have registered pocket id, simply login using registered email and password.
If not, then sorry…

What’s the level of your account that had been deleted?

Level 100 and name is das8641

You could try messaging support if you don’t have a pocket ID, but I’m not sure how much they’ll be able to help you if you never registered your account. You’d need to make sure you knew information like when you created the account, and copies of receipts of things you purchased…

This is assuming that the account is the one you used as forum login (since the name is exactly the same)
The sign in part

As Liz suggested it is probably a long shot if the account was not registered. If it was then at the minimum one might need to remember the email it was registered to but that pocket ID might be what they require.

Well, the name is the same as his forum name. Doesn’t that mean he has registered? Also, the email can be seen at the profile, though the password remains secret…

Having a name does not mean the account is registered. IDK if access to the forums requires registration.

@das8641, the best way to know if you can recover your account is to reach out to our support team. If you created a PGID (meaning you’ve saved your game state with an e-mail and password), this should be easy to do!

It was registered and had a id. I put my email and password in. But saus something about my game being advanced and have to create a account.

Did you press the “I have an account” thing and log in from there? If you input an existing email and password into the new account thing instead of the existing account thing, it won’t work. :t_rex:

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This is what i get when i press the i have account button.

Ah, that’s weird. I suppose make another Pocket ID with another email, then log out of that and into your old account. :t_rex:

Isnt this telling him to make a pocket ID for the acount he’s playing ?
Seems like the game doesn’t want to load an other ID without saving his current game.

Sorry if it isn’t.
I’m not a native english speaker nor an IT nerd. :rofl:

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I think that’s exactly what’s happening, lmao! :t_rex:

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