How to get gold prime under 300?

Hello all,

I notice a few players under 300 have gold prime. I’m pretty active in atlas. I have around 700k glory right now, we are currently in week 5 of season.

I have enough exp on prime to get silver 2 but rss seem to be very demanding. I stop lvling up my prime at lvl 10 silver 1

Any thoughts or suggestions to get gold prime ASAP would be very helpful. Thanks.

focus one primarch at a time, thats all i can say

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Save and use your diamonds to convert into gold via bank if your storage has a larger capacity than the gold amount needed to level prim. Otherwise, use only diamonds without gold conversion.

It’s also worth to grind gold on auto if you have the time and resources.


:joy: no.

Beasts is always better value. This is a last resort usually.


:woman_shrugging:t2: Not always. He may be on a pirate team with a meagre gold bonus. Really depends on what team he’s on and the amount of castles they have.

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Have you done the math on this? Go do it then come back.


Yes, sometimes converting diamonds is inevitable. The lowest gold cost of leveling Gold primarch is 14,5M, but to even hire one you need 18,5M. You can get 18,9M space in your storage only at player level 325. OP is talking under 300.

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I have. And I’ve done it when I was under 300 :woman_shrugging:t2: I had to only use diamonds to level my prims before because of storage cap. As @AtomicBlonde has mentioned.

You are on a D1 team with plenty of castles so it’s better to grind beasts that way.

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:money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:
Fastest (not best) method.


Atlas elite?

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120 diamonds for raiding is equivalent to approx. 136k gold.

For free to play players, the 5x multiplier on beasts is a measely 30k gold. Even on a sapphire team with a 100% gold bonus, the payout is still only 60k. I’m sure it’s a lot easier in diamond and with elite, but you gotta realize the perspective lol

Without elite on my 100% gold bonus, I can only farm about 4.5M gold a day using my 30x-10x multipliers. Considering that the prim upgrades are upwards of 15M, it’s inevitable to spend diamonds and/or large sums of gold packs.

To answer OP’s question, it’s what ZooperJooper said. Make sure to use all your multipliers every day and save every diamond and every drop of gold you can get. Join an atlas active team with bonuses. Do well in atlas events. It’s a very long process, and to be honest, I don’t think you should worry about leveling your prims. Just play the game normally and the prim levels will come naturally.


Many of those low level players with gold primes also avoid leveling


That’s what I thought too. I notice many of them are Japanese or Chinese Sapphire or Diamond player.

That’s what I’m doing now haha

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