How to get Gralock portrait?

There is a portrait called Gralock in the list of portraits when going to the change portrait section. The text says win through aftermath leaderboards. However I can’t see it in the redemption page of the season tab. I can see Imbra and then the multi tier one. How can I claim the Gralock portrait?


You’ll get him if you happened to accumulate total season points of more than 5K (last season, Aftermath), or just at least accumulate some season points to my understanding. It’s basically free & pretty much obtainable by almost everyone, not unless you completely missed / didn’t play last season & didn’t open some chests??

Right now, Gralock is not yet being released by PG, but soon or anytime this week, hopefully, if you are eligible to get one.


Thank you very much I thought that I had missed one from last season also but it seems I have it available so maybe the delay you mention answers that question also.


Yes. I’m also waiting for mine. Hopefully PG will manage to release it to all the eligible ones this week. If not, we can always file a ticket to Support to clarify status. :relaxed:


Still waiting too… they might have forgotten to release them like the 500 season starter sigil :sweat_smile:

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Lolss I received this already! But not yet on my other accounts. I guess, maybe, they’re not giving any to less active accounts. Hmmn :thinking:

I pushed hard last season and didn’t even come close.

Didn’t come close to 5k season points, while pushing hard? If you get prize 10 in pvp and breed, and push all the way to 203k points in fort, you’re already at 6k, more than enough, with 0 chests opened. To get not even close you would have to be almost entirely inactive.


I didn’t get any prestige coins. And I do not see any new portraits. I go well beyond 8/8 in every event. Usually finish in the top ten in most events in a Plat 2 league. :man_shrugging:

Ah sorry misread that. No you don’t get prestige coins unless you’re in the top 15000, but the portrait in question only requires 5k season points. You probably have a few thousand of them already one week in.


I got a prestige coin but did not get the base portrait that did not require a coin. Does pg distribute that portrait like they did the coin? Why not make it a free claim at the beginning of the leaderboard line?

Yes, at least last season they did send it in a reward, just like team prizes and the prestige coins. I think it only came in week 2 last time so might take a little while.

Because not everyone gets it, you still need those 5k season points (which admittedly requires little more than a pulse and logging on every month or so).


No wonder I didn’t get a portrait :joy:

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