How to get most out of start of new season?

Hello all,

Please help me get most out of start of new season. Do you guys open chests all at once during PVP or ??

500 Dragconic
74 Plat
836 Gold
300 Silver
6k Bronze

Ignore the silver.
What’s your plan? Only want the 2 discounts? Or trying to start the orrery or Volt line?

If just the 2 discounts, in my opinion open the gold first then the dracs then enough bronze to finish the two lines (by the end of your event, don’t forget you’ll get sigils from FP)
Save the bronze in my books and if you can afford to save the plats.

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Yea pretty much :joy:, but don’t over do it (main goal is to get both discounts with using as little chests as possible) because you still have 2 events in which you can save chests by earning sigils.

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I want both discounts and volt

Should i open by 10, all, or try gold sequencing… I dont really know how sequence work

Idk if sequencing is same for this season; there might be different patterns

You can’t use the sequence until someone does the sequence and posts it

If you can save some gold chests until assault and use the double armory, you can get a lot more sigils and tokens, but fewer energy/inner

Gold sequence is only 100 chests long. Sequencing only really matters when you are getting near the end and you want to optimize a stop point.

More important choice is when to open. If you need inner fires, open during PVP. If you need egg tokens, open during breed.

My stash of inner fires is good enough now, I will open golds (and bronze) during breed.


Well your in a similar spot to myself then. Not actually enough to finish the volt with out some extreme grinding.

The only question you have to ask is if you want a reserve of sigils?

In your case most people will just open everything (except silver) and just plough through as much as they can.

Some people may like to keep a buffer up as there is a LTB in week 3 and a trading post I think week 4.

For me personally as I am in a very similar boat. I will open all my Gold/Drac and Plat (lucky or unlucky) and I will moderate the amount of bronze I open. I personally will then open 3-5k of bronze in breeding.

Edit: In regards to sequencing. I wouldn’t bother. It is extremely unlikely they’ll run assault week 2. So I would want the PVP items from the gold chests.

I open all dragconic, gold, plat, silver, and 5k bronze

Completed both 50% off
100% mission bonus
300 sigs, 274 gold, 12 silvers, and 1k 1k bronze left over… Will be saving all chests starting now haha

All sigs from the event will probably be going toward Volts branch.
Got mythic ammo rune too btw


Good job, I will usually open all those new chests but that’s just me

I open everything then start my collection from the branches.

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Oh related to the topic I had a question
I’ve forgotten, which chest is more efficient purely for sigils, gold or plat? Gold right?

I believe so; plats are good only when you get the lucky but some-what rare 2k sigil drops

Plats slightly ahead, but difference is small, and only meaningful when large amount of chests opened. See:

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So I am returning player and don’t have a clue at all. I have a few sigil but you guys think it will be best to spent on base boost because this is the last day 50% discount or wait until the ressurected dragon?

Depends on how many sigils you have.

If you have 39k+ sitting in your stash, then go for the both discounted branches before the discounted period ends.

If you had saved a whole bunch of gold chests, 800+, before you’d quit, then use the gold chests predictor to cherrypick as many sigil drops as possible from the two gold chests sequences and use that to claim discounted branches.

If you can’t finish any of the two discounted branches with what you have right as of now, I’d recommend to wait until festive branch releases, then to finish the said branch and then to claim as many draconic chests at the end of the branch as possible so that you can open them up for resources that you’ll be using for the next season instead of this one.

Only 5k sigil and only 50 gold chest. I might have to save not to open gold chest this season?

Yeah, just be as active as possible in events.

That should guarantee you certain amount of achievements even if you play resource-poorly (as in low energy pack and inner fire counts).

Rubies and sigils from those achievements should let you finish festive branch easily as the branch itself only costs less than 20k.

You, then, need another 75k sigils to actually finish claiming all draconic chests at the end of the festive branch, but just try to claim as many of those as possible without finishing it.

The last two weeks of each season will have super sigil chests, so the forementioned rubies you ground throughout the season will be used to buy super sigil chests at a 1.2k sigils per every 5k rubies conversion rate on average. That should also help you claiming draconic chests.

Aurik sorry a question, how much total sigil per season if you want to aim the “Mythic” seasonal dragon? Can you help divide it by

  1. How much sigil to gain the key needed?
  2. How much sigil to max the dragon tree?