How to get ownable land for new Atlas players


How do new teams in Atlas obtain their own land when all the available land is already occipied?

There is an expansion pending. It was set for release on 22 November, and all the new teams would be eligible to rush all the purple land on the map, in the link below. But the expansion has been delayed, so you’ll need to fight a team off their land, or wait.

  1. Summon Primarch
  2. Train troops
  3. Equip dragon rider to your champion dragon
    And most importantly, get allied with other teams. It’s like a chess game. You need to strategise specially if you are a “small team”.

Plus, it appears some teams (cough, cough) are already camped out at the edge of the new territory, just waiting to spring in there as soon as it opens up and claim all the new continents before you can even decide which one you want… :slight_smile:

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Find someone and take theirs.

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Good idea. I’ll take that as implied consent.

So you are OK for us to come over and get your land like the natives giving :turkey: to the pilgrims?

That’s how I interpret that statement.

Look up the basic rules of RISK the board game. It’s that with a few tweaks :+1:

Anyone is free to stop by…its welcomed even.

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Did you say free glory? :eyes:

Free is a relative statement but sure, why not. Anyone can attack anyone, at any time…unless you are hiding in the neutral zone all the time I guess.

Thank you for your input, everyone! :slight_smile:

So does the territory that is now “safe zone” become ownable land when the map is expanded??? :thinking:

I believe it will always stay neutral as a pathway to kinda get around to the different sections but please somebody correct me if i’m wrong here

No @Gennevieve, the safe zones will stay so that players have some ability to travel around the map. Think streets, and houses.

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Thanks for all the great advice all!!!
Appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:

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So once the land does become available, what rules govern it’s taking? (I’m not really sure it isn’t opened somehow)

Is the taking of land simply by conquering a building? Do you need to hold an entire section? Can you only take land adjacent to other owned land? Is there really enough for Everyone to have some, or will we find it will will be gone in an instant and some of it will be easier to steal than others? If you take land not next to a safe or unowned zone are you potentially trapped on your own land?

Apologies if there is a section here describing land acquisition rules, but I have not yet found it.

There is a wheel that appears and once your team solely controls the island you can hit conquer and it is yours.

only difference to Atlas is that usually people don´t get 1 year of headstart to play and you have to enter then with a dice and your 4 tiny plastic troops whilst the other players had to come up with a new piece of plastic to exchange the 10 troop thingi with a 100 otherwise you wouldn´t see the map anymore … just sayin’