How to get portrait of pirate?


When we will get the portrait of pirate in swan line ?


You won’t. The portrait was awarded to the teams placed in top 20 for the 1st Atlas season that just finished.


Thank you :facepunch:t4:


I assume you mean only the moving one? Many teams got the bare potrait! But yes it is only for atlas springveil participants .


1-50… i thought it was 1-20 :man_shrugging:


Well, more unobtainable stuff :man_shrugging:t2:


Literally missed this by, 2 spots. :joy: Anywho just a portrait so meh.


I’d give you my epic portrait if I could.
Not really into female pirates representing my profile :man_shrugging:


Thanks but… No thanks :joy: I guess I agree with you haha


i don’t really care.
i do have it, just don’t even use it once.
Not even for a second.


Arrrrr matey, so ya’d rathr have dem male pirates to share yar booty with eh?


Would be funny if you had put “Z” at the end of your rrrrrs…


@mechengg @Coach you guys are killing me :rofl:


They should just award it to all players with atlas, it’s not even a good “prize” anyways :roll_eyes:


Just to confirm , how you Grody :blush:


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