How to get rid of this in-game notification?

Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the game
spoke with PG support about it
Emptied Safari history and cache
Logged out of account force restarted etc.

Nothing seems to help, any ideas?

Thanks community :hugs: (and yes all payments cleared :crazy_face:)

Can you try logging onto your account on another device and see if the message show up? -no need to purchase a new device, just ask a friend. Or if you have an older device stashed somewhere…

ios I’m assuming? That happens when the credit card Apple Pay has on file is expired or locked. You can either disable in app purchases or go in and update your payment info.

I BELIEVE that is what this is :man_shrugging:

Yeah shows up there too, it’s driving me nuts, and there is no expired card, nor open bill…

tried re-adding my card too, saaaame

I know it’s frustrating, but gut is telling me it’s an apple thing not a PG thing

Something is probably turned off. Did you try simply disabling in app purchases? If it goes away, then that will at least confirm that it’s a payment problem. If it persists, then it’s something WD related and you’ll need to contact support.

I don’t see anywhere, where I could disable in-app purchases? It even pops up, when I am not even logged in to my account???

:point_up_2: sorry forgot to hit reply

on ios they moved it. it’s under screentime (weird) but you should be able to go to SETTINGS, click SCREEN TIME, select CONTENT & PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS, select iTunes & App Store Purchases, and THEN select DONT ALLOW for in app purchases

Also…not being logged into your account might be WHY this is happening. Without being logged in, the system can’t access your payment info.

That’s the best I got…sorry

I mentioned being logged out as off course it happens when logged in too, so it baffled me, that it would still happen, not being logged in, but simply just starting the game

Sorry, then. I’m out of ideas. @Malik fix it!

Well, I just played around, and logged out of the account under Apple, and notifications gone, so it seems to be triggered by that Apple ID, at least now I know the cause of it

Have you accessed this account on another device recently?
Possibly made a purchase while using that device?

Issue solved, it’s triggered by the AppleId

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