How to get the most points from energy packs and inner fires in events? add your opionion to the thread

So normally i do super attacks singularly and at the end of last season i did a few mega attacks after opening gold chest but those really burned through my IFs and EPs. I was thinking about it more this time and was wondering what other people thoughts are one this. so far in this event [, team gauntlet] has I’ve been doing supers with 2 IFs for each attack. was curious though if it would be better at the start of the refresh tomorrow to get 100 energy for 16 EPs and just do 5 supers with 2 IFs each that way. Basically trying to find the best combination to max on points. Ik it probably varies a bit from event to event and slight changes from diff PVP event when considering this. Does that come out to better though? rather than using EPs (energy packs) for individual super attacks, buy 100 energy and then do 5 back2back that way wait for energy to refill and do it again that way?

Add your thoughts and opionions below.

The second you say super attacks, you are now down to 80% of the normal points you would earn.

Single regular attacks is always your best points earner, then super attacks, then mega.
It used to be 100% points, 80% points, 66% points respectively, but the 80/66 have since been reduced a bit further with the wildfire attacks (a few % maybe, haven’t done the maths).

16+100 is always the most efficient way i buy energy packs each day for my bracket of non-spending. Doesn’t matter if you cluster your attacks or do a few sets, but try and keep your free energy coming in as often as you can. So the sooner you use up your attacks, the sooner you start earning free ones again.


Exactly. No “opinion” needed.


ok cool thanks @mechengg , how many IFs do you norm use with your attacks. and when you say regular you mean you never do super attacks? what bracket are you in? im in Saph2. doing regular attacks i feel like i would never score high enough. I try to aim for around the second glyph in the personal achievements or just past it.

Hey bud, hope all is well with ya, what level are you up to now?


Super attack - 20 energy for 4x the points. Do the math. Single attack - 20 energy for 5x points…

What you’re actually trading is time. If you got limited time, then of course do supers etc. But if you got time, singles always win out.


And potions

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Bronze chests are able to replenish potions fairly well

potions aren’t a problem I have close to 300 and its been growing since I don’t blow through them. I guess with school and finals I never took the time to sit down and do the math to figure that out. so you’re saying @Grumpybigbird it’s better to do 4 reg attacks with I’m assuming 2 IFs since you didn’t mention those rather than getting 100 energy to do 5 supers then reg attacks with 2 IFs each after that until next reset? I generally try to hit the mark for points with the second glyph in personal achievements.

also, aren’t reg attacks 1x points, super attacks 4x points, wildfire 5x and mega 30x? just asking to clarify thanks.

that on top of the rewards from personal achievements plus gold chest. I don’t buy gold chest i norm use them after I’ve saved up about 90-120 from the divine trees cause i generally use rubies for sigil chest.


No I’m saying no matter what amount of energy you have, doing singles vs supers will always give you a better points return simply because of the energy to points exchange rate for supers and megas.

I’m not saying don’t buy 100 nor am I saying buy 100 at a particular point in time - that’s up to you.

IFs add 1x points each no matter if you use it on regular or super or mega runs so there is no need to consider them in this comparison.

And yes regular = 1x, super = 4x and Mega = 30x. Wildfire = 5x I think - can’t remember.

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so overall your just saying to do reg attacks over supers? and alright cool thanks for the info I appreciate it @Grumpybigbird

I would just add though that save your IFs for the end of the event when pvp and pve points are maxed.

kk cool thanks for the info buddy. much appreciated.

If I do the 16 + 100 option once (12 energy packs total) is it still worth it if I purchase that again? (26 total I think)?
Edit: Picture for reference -


I think it’d be cheaper to do 2 of the 16 packs before buying the 100 energy rather than doing one of the 16 packs at the end…


I just can never remember when exactly the cost goes up on both of the options :dizzy_face: I always do 1 16 pack and then 1 100 pack but I don’t know if the 16 or the 100 pack is better to buy once I’ve done that. :t_rex:

It’s beter to use 3 dragons with IF’s because unless you are a really high player, most people are able to clear higher bases with more dragons. But with the release of wildfires, using 3 dragons w/o IF’s will result in less flames per battle, so you will need to use IF’s to get more flames per battle. Getting you faster towards your next wildfire attack.

For things such as the pvp battles during team gauntlet it’s beter for the team to use mega’s, so the fight will be over much faster. Earn that juicey VP for your team.

So basically it’s all about how much time you want to save.

You’re wrong about effeciency using 1 dragon; IFs now count toward flames. Read this :point_up_2: :t_rex:

What he meant in numbers is, for a base of 100points:
Regular attack: 100 for 4 E (energy)
Super: 400 for 20 E
if you used these 20E with regulars you would have 500 points (20/4=5)

I believe the best is 2 x16 and then go for the 100. Also keep in mind to spend 100 when last Gustav isle is up to use them, you can place on average 2 attacks on PvP so energy there is not the problem. Flash style pvp :grin: