How to glory swap?

I have a group with the people between 60-90 for glory swapping. We couldn’t meet our opinions at a point where we can do it in the most efficient way, not only because neither we are new to the game nor new to the atlas but also because a lot of atlas stuff and the glory calculations have changed and all the posts are according to the last rules. For example one of them says now there’s a penalty for attacker if the defender has more than 2x the troops that the attacker has. Like lets say attacker has 1000 and defender has 2300.
Now can somebody please explain with a few examples how we can glory swap fairly and most efficiently, by telling how many troops the attacker and defender takes, does the difference between the attack and defense power matters other than the attacker needs to have more attack power than the defense power of defender. how many troops they will lose in that way and how much glory they will earn. And please write down how you do it.

Depends on attacker’s atk and defender’s def stat…

But finishing the atks with 4 flames usually does the job, i hear.

Here is the best rule of thumb for swaps I use.

  1. The attacker and defender need to be within 15% of player level. So if one is 450, the other partner has to be no lower than 450 - (450 * .15) = 383. (Round up to the nearest level rather than down. Better yet, assume 10% and you should be safe.)
  2. The two teams should be of relatively equal strength for the most benefit. If you are within a few power levels and player levels, the game will tell you they are 100%. You can do it outside of these ranges (I often do), but of course your highest potential glory will be cut.
  3. The attacking primarch’s attack power (swords) should be close to the defending primarch’s defense power (shield). This will kill more troops for the attacker. (Less troops killed by the attacker, less possible glory. It is still maxed at 1.5x the attacker troop loss regardless of how many other troops are killed. If you lose 2k and the defender loses 10k, you only get 3k glory max because you only lost 2k.) So in order to maximize the glory output, you need to kill reasonable amount of troops on the attacker.
  4. Use 2 dragons (4 flames) for best glory swap. The attacker won’t see much difference in glory, but the defender will get more from the attack. More about this below if you want to get really technical.
  • If the attacker attack stat is much lower than the defense stat, do 1 dragon (5 flame) so you get that boost to your attack stat to help even it up. If your attack stat doubled still won’t come near the defense stat, you need another primarch pairing.
  • If your attacker attack stat is much higher than the defense stat, do 3 dragons (3 flames) so it effectively increases your troop losses thereby increasing your possible glory. (This one you have to play around with. Don’t use a level 8 silver 2 sieger against a level 2 bronze 1 taunter. You will get few losses for attacker, horrible glory for the attacker, and huge troop loss for the defender.)
  • With this you can effectively attack a taunter with another taunter if you do it right, but still not recommended. Trapper/Taunter -> Sieger, Destroyer -> Destroyer, Sieger -> Trapper/Taunter (this one may need to use 3 flames or even quit early, this one can be highly variable and needs personal experimentation between the partners.)
  1. The actual amount of troops matters little in terms of glory, other than the amount lost on both sides determines the possible glory gained. (When I do a swap that is evenly matched, we load up 30k troops on each primarch, meet in nml, and attack each other at the same time. Done correctly, we both end up with less than 100 troops left when both are done and decent glory. I can’t give amount of glory because that is highly dependent on difference in team power and player level.)

The actual amount of troops needed for each match up is really more of one you get from experience. As you do swaps, snipe for glory, or get into castle attacks, you get to know what amount of troops you need when. Start small. Something like 15k on both and Player A attack Player B. I say 15k because that is the max any primarch (other than fighter) can lose in one hit. Then reload and do vice versa Player B attack Player A. Once you get more comfortable, you can load up to 30k and attack at the same time.

To be honest I have never heard of this or seen it, please give your source?


Orrr u can hit castles as folks complaining


Team rank doesn’t affect swaps done in NML, only on-castle.

Correct. If one side has more than 2x the troops, the smaller primarch is penalized. The penalty scales up to a max of 15% reduction to the smaller prim’s stats, reached when the larger primarch has 4x or more troops. This is not a recent change.

The glory calculator is a good resource. The one recent change I can think of that might not be in it yet is the “Bonus revives for weaker defenders” change, and that’s not likely to apply in a swap of similar leveled players.

Make sure you look at troops lost and revivable as you weigh scenarios. Replacing non-revivable troops is expensive, so max glory per non-revivable troop is usually the goal.


Thanx for all answers it’s more clear now. I am a level 65 player (will be around 84 after the next fort.), my team doesn’t have a castle and they don’t care. Can you suggest a main primarch for me and how should i upgrade him like what primarch should i attack to?

Blockquote When I do a swap that is evenly matched, we load up 30k troops on each primarch, meet in nml, and attack each other at the same time. Done correctly, we both end up with less than 100 troops left when both are done and decent glory.

This is mindblowing we have never tought about to attack at the same time :sweat_smile: . I wanna learn more about this one, because it looks like the easiest way. So let’s say we are equal levels, what if we attack both at the same time 10k troops on both

  1. With fighters att/152 def/135 for both.
  2. With destroyers but one’s destroyer is 1 level higher so att/177 def/177 the other att/170 def/170

TRAPPER! and attack siegers only (or lv2 cg) or be attacked by pretty much anything.

that was half joke, btw. xD

realistically, destroyer would probably the best bet if u had to pick one among four for the rest of ur atlas life and especially if u r aggressive.

i ended up lvling my trapper and taunter first :man_shrugging:t2: but that’s b/c i had to defend my team’s castles when i joined a team with atlas. had some access castles.

If your team doesn’t have a castle and doesn’t care you should be attacking castles instead of settling for lower returns from swaps. At any rate use the bloody glory calculator instead of asking other people to do your homework for you.

Whoever finishes first in this case will get the glory as whoever kills the other’s 10k first will win.

The reason why we use 30k troops is because the kill cap is 15k. So we can safely attack each other and know that we will kill close to 15k of each other and probably 10k in our attack So 10k to attack, then 15k to be attacked. That leaves 5k leftover.

Though henfon is correct, use the glory calculator to determine the best outcome between different pairings and optimize your swaps if you want to go that far. There are many variables that can change the amount of glory you get and you can play around with different options like flames to get the most equal glory between attacker/defender. Mine are more general tips to keep in mind rather than absolutes.