How to i message pg?

I used a megacoin well tried to, the fight started and then it stopped and kicked me out the game then i opened it back up and it still took my coin and only gave me a third or points i was gonna get

Its for my XxHendrixX acount

You can submit a ticket in game or via our website,

In game, you click the gear icon (shown by the red box):

And then tap “Help” which will take you to our support form.

Thank you

I wouldn’t use in game help des… they really suck

I have had a ticket open for over 6hrs with no response

(Lol after calling them out here they finally respond, with a bs response but at least a response)
New update: got all my stuff back

This happened to me last pvp event. They did refund me but it wasnt til after the event had ended but atleast i got it back i reckon. Good Luck!

Atleast u got it back, id be fine with that, thank you

I have one ticket open where the rep asked me to take recreate the problem and take screenshots…I did…haven’t heard a word in 3 days…not even an acknowledgement they’re looking into it

6hrs isn’t a super long time. That’s faster than industry benchmarks. Also, looking at your ticket, it was 5 hours. Your ticket came in at 12:30pm pacific time and received the first reply at 5:24pm pacific time.

What’s your ticket number? 3 days is a very long time to wait for a ticket response and I’d be happy to take a look.

Been waiting a week for reply

No you haven’t, though you have waited far too long. I’ll have an agent pick up your ticket asap.

Actually got a reply in the middle of the night and it’s been resolved. I don’t know if you had a chance to get involved or not but thank you Jared :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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