How to improve resurrection dragons

With the Strangelands season being the fifth year of resurrection dragons i want to list my ideas of how to make these dragons better as the branch doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. I have some ideas: Incorporate the dragons into the season more and actually bring the dragons up to current standards.

  1. Incorporate the dragons into the season
    Currently the resurrection dragons are just dropped into the season with no real reason to be there, lore wise. I think that the dragons’ old lore should be updated or added to, to include why the dragon is in the season. For example, Equestor has come back during the Souldance season to complete some unfinished business etc. (im not that good at making up lore lol).
    But you get the idea, the dragon would actually have a reason to be included in the season. To improve this more, the dragon could also get a skin, similar to mythics, with an updated design that is a cross between the season style and the dragon’s original design. For example, Equestor is already linked with the afterlife in its original lore but maybe it could become more like a ghost horse, similar to Marav’s design.

  2. My other idea was to actually upgrade the dragon to current standards and not just buff the spells. Currently i think PG is worrying too much about keeping the dragon as close as possible to its original design and not making it useable. I think the dragon should maintain some of its original spells but also new ones that would help it survive in the current meta. For example:
    The original spell set of Equestor encompassed a passive summon, a lightning spell and an extract spell. We should keep the ideas of these the same but also change them to mach current versions of those spells. Lets begin with the passive, for this example i will just use KinnX’s passive summon but nerfed a bit to mach a legendary power. The spell will have the same name as we are improving it and not making a new spell:
    Lightning Familiar|Passive
    Summons a warrior dragon to fight for you. Summon deals 1% of the dragons HP as damage and cannot be killed. Absorbs 40% of incoming damage. Dragon has 50% increased rage generation.

    Similar but different. It still resembles the original spell but is buffed enough to mach current standards. Next is the Lightning spell, with similar spells today being a two shot, hitting one tower and bouncing to another often dealing more damage on the second.
    Thunderbolt|Active|White|1 Rage
    Damages target tower for 30% of the dragons modified HP and bounces to another tower dealing double damage (60%). 3 second cooldown.

    But before implementing this you have to first consider its effect on the other dragons with this spell as it shared between Equestor, Borgian and Coatl. Personally i think this buff works for all three of these dragons but play testing would be required, similar to other shared spells. Before moving into the final spell on the original equestor, this buffed version needs one of the following in order to survive:

  • Blue cloak with no cooldown
  • White or red cloak
  • White or red dodge
  • White freeze (like Nockmar’s, not Jaalkan’s)
    Sorcerer’s typically have a dodge or freeze, for this example i will use a dodge. Since the dodge can be red and still serve as a defensive spell i will make it red.
    Ghostly Storms|Active|Red|1 Rage
    Dragon slows to 25% speed and dodges all non beam attacks. Damages towers for 8% of the dragons modified HP on cast. 4 second duration, 3 second cooldown.

    Made up name to suit the dragon’s updated lore and spell details are reminiscent of current dragons’ dodges. Finally we have the extract spell and the dragon still needs a way to heal so i will give the dragon a healing mark shield.
    Extract Souls|Passive
    Dragon gains a spell after it destroys a tower.
    Thunder Shield|Active|Blue|1 Rage
    Shields dragon for 4 seconds. After the shield duration, marks nearby towers with healing marks that restore 15% of the dragons modified HP when destroyed.

    This is only one spell and if you want the chance effect the original had, where different towers gave different spells then more spells could be added to Extract Souls. But you get the idea, the dragon is still similar to its original play style, it just has some extra spells to help it survive against meta bases.

This treatment could be given to all resurrected dragons and would make them fit into the season more and the current meta. But what do you think? I know most people don’t even want the res line (me included) but if its here to stay then wouldn’t these changes make it better?

Here are the res dragons i made following the above ideas (except lore)


Skin: Leos’ main and body becomes cosmic like and resembles stars, similar to Quasar’s wings.
Lion’s Rage|Passive
Dragon has 125% increased breath damage.
Blazing Shield|Active|Blue|1 Rage
Shields dragon and absorbs 80% of incoming damage. Heals dragon on cast for 30% of its modified HP. 4 second duration, 3 second cooldown.
Cosmic Roar|Active|White|1 Rage
Damages nearby towers for 8% of the dragons modified HP and freezes them for 3 seconds. Damaged towers take 25% increased damage. 3 second cooldown.
Aaptive Flak Resist|Active|White|0 Rage
Switches between flak resists and gives 0.25 rage whenever activated.


Skin: Already kind of fitting in with the theme, maybe the Armour could be made more prominent with a colour change such as to silver? And i want to see a flag hanging on that spear lol.
Sand|Active|White|1 Rage
You know what this does, no change.
Elemental Barrier|Active|White|1 Rage
Shields dragon from all attacks. Elemental damage received is converted into health. 4.5 second duration, 2 second cooldown.
War Tactics|Active|White|1 Rage
Dragon slows to 25% speed and cloaks for 2 seconds. After the cloak ends, dragon has 75% increased breath damage for 2 seconds. 4 second duration, no cooldown.
Never Ending|Active|Blue|0 Rage
Whenever the dragon destroys a tower during the duration, it gains 1 rage and 8% of its modified HP. 5 second duration, 4 second cooldown.


Best way would be to remove them completely and place new dragons in their spot. :man_facepalming:t2:


We all want this but PG seems determined for there to be Res dragons. It isn’t a bad idea, it just has had a poor execution.

Wow, that’s a huge wall of text. Any summary? :sweat_smile:

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Step 1: Dont resurrect an outdated dragon
Step 2: Make a new dragon with relevant spells that follow a similar theme as the original dragon
Step 3: To save money, reuse the body design of a past dragon and change the color
Step 4: Change the name of the line to something like a “Remembrance Dragon” or a “Reincarnation Dragon”


The summary is the intro, the rest of the “wall of text” is just explanation and examples.

We all want this lol. Sadly, all of our pleas have gone in one ear and out the other.

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Well, not all.

Remember noctarn and hauhezen?

Oh yes the dragons are a thing:
But these aren’t common, maybe one in two seasons. And the res line is still a thing.

They’re not that rare either.

It’s kind of pointless to make a long post about improving resurrection dragons and then also say they’re not listening to us about making new dragons. They’re not listening to us about making res dragons better either. At least was a new dragon based on an old one it wouldnt be as much of a ripoff

I like the new skin and lore ideas. Would be a good way to use the new skin system.

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This is what uncommon is…
Most of those were years ago in a season dedicated to that theme, i did forget Tarax.

Its just some ideas that i had that i haven’t listed before. Just voicing my opinion and ideas. Its like me saying: You can’t complain that PG should stop res dragons when you dismiss peoples’ ideas of how to improve them. (Which i don’t think btw).

As i stated above, It would be good if Res dragons stopped, however they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon so i have listed ideas to improve the ongoing res dragons. So yes i can voice both sides.

The reworking of them is absolutely something that should happen. The original should be left unchanged and the rework should be a kinnara - kinnrarus style transformation. With a graphical update based on the original

Give people something worthwhile

It’s an idea that broke the longest standing promise PG ever made. It was false advertising at best and was the straw that broke the back of many players. It wasn’t a bad idea. It was absolutely the worst idea done in the worst way. It broke the trust of so many people and came off as if none of what their promises could be believed. Hell they had a standing order to close any threads asking for it!

And they could have done it in a way that was fair with reworking the dragons. But they didn’t. They chose the lazy cash grab.

In my opinion this was the single worst decision I’ve seen them make.

For newer players such as myself it is a great idea. I want some of the old dragons that i missed out because i began playing later. What PG should have done was ask the player base before hand so they know that some people didn’t like what they currently have so then they could change it. So yes it is poor execution on PGs part.

Excellent. It’s also false advertising and breaks a promise to others that these dragons would never return.

Why do new players get to break that promise after money has been spent?

They did. The community hated it. They hated it so much that they gave mods a standing order to shut any threads about bringing dragons back saying it wasn’t happening with a link to the official response.

They ignored that response here.

They have also had feedback since it first happened. Nothing. No changes.

No i mean before the season started they should have said “hey we are thinking of doing res dragons” and not drop it to us on stream.

Dragons. I know that some people are P2P but most people aren’t so they would not have spent money on these dragons. And PG has a system where players get stuff back if they already have the evo stone for the res dragon, its just that the stuff they get is kinda meh so people don’t think it is a good trade, money for trash stuff. If there was better rewards and dragons most people would like the branch.

None of that changes a thing. People spent one time resources that cost time, money and energy to get on something that was promised would not come back and thus had value as an exclusive. We were promised they would not come back and spent a resource on that.

In the business world this would be very much a lawsuit level thing. You can’t go making promises about something people spend something on and then expect it to be ok. (I am not proposing a lawsuit or anything of the kind just for clarity. Just making a comparison).

You can fill it up how you like. We were promised something and spent following that promise.

This is why i am saying that PGs execution of the res dragon was poor as people only seem to see the bad in it.

The execution of it as a concept was the problem. It should never have happened after promising it multiple times.

Reworking dragons they did before. That’s nothing new. Resurrection should never have existed. Reworking should have

And we only see the bad in it as there is very little positive about it. It was a straight up broken promise, that devalued a previous product, for very little gain for either new or old players.

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